Over $1 Million Worth Of Cosmetics Stolen From CVS, Sephora And 99 Cents Only Stores Discovered In Raid

Mocobizscene- In response to a recent increase in retail theft, the California Highway Patrol made an announcement on Thursday regarding their successful seizure of over $1 million worth of stolen items. Additionally, they apprehended a Los Angeles woman believed to be involved in a retail theft ring operating in Southern California.

The CHP’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force recently conducted a raid on a warehouse in Paramount and a business called The Makeup Store on Whittier Boulevard in Los Angeles. During the operation, they discovered a staggering amount of stolen cosmetics worth over a million dollars.

Brenda Yanez, 48, was arrested and booked by officers on charges of organized retail theft, grand theft, and receiving stolen property. Her arrest is connected to an organized theft ring that has been targeting various retailers in Southern California. The retailers affected by this ring include CVS, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Rite Aid, Nordstrom, and 99 Cents Only stores.

Several loss prevention investigators from the affected retailers were present at the scene, aiding in the identification of stolen merchandise. In addition to the stolen property, the police discovered tools that had been utilized to remove anti-theft devices at the targeted locations.

Governor Gavin Newsom recently made an announcement regarding the increase in retail theft. In response to this issue, the CHP task force has decided to enhance their enforcement efforts through proactive and confidential law enforcement operations in collaboration with allied agencies during the holiday season. The governor’s office reported that the task force has already made over 1,000 arrests in the first 11 months of the year, which marks a significant 109% increase compared to the previous year.

To prevent theft, numerous retail businesses, including drug stores, have implemented additional security measures. This includes placing items such as allergy medicine, shaving razors, infant formula, and batteries, among others, behind plexiglass.

On Tuesday, law enforcement officers conducted a raid following the recent search of a Westlake storefront by the Los Angeles Police Department. The search had revealed stolen merchandise, valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the course of that search, the police also found numerous stolen Apple products that were linked to previous burglaries.

Law enforcement agencies in California have intensified their efforts to combat retail thefts.

On the same day as the Whittier Boulevard operation, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office made six arrests in Lake Elsinore. The individuals were charged with multiple crimes, such as burglary and misdemeanors related to narcotics. In response to a significant increase in shoplifting incidents at a retail store, the San Francisco Police Department carried out an operation on Tuesday, resulting in the apprehension of 18 suspects involved in shoplifting.

This week, a committee of Sacramento lawmakers gathered to address the issue of ongoing shoplifting, as some believe that Proposition 47 is responsible for the increase in smash-and-grab thefts. Proposition 47, which was passed in 2014, reclassified several nonviolent offenses as misdemeanors instead of felonies. This includes crimes like shoplifting, grand theft, and receiving stolen property, as long as the value of the property does not exceed $950.

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