Northeast DC residents anxious after a delivery driver gets shot and carjacked

On Friday night, a carjacking and shooting occurred in Northeast, which is currently under investigation by the D.C. Police. According to authorities, the individual who was targeted in the incident was a driver for a food delivery service. The driver had just completed a delivery in the vicinity of 14th and A Street, Northeast.

As per the report filed by the police, the perpetrator approached the driver and demanded the keys to his vehicle. According to the police report, the victim handed over the keys to the suspect and informed him that he was going to call the police. In response, the suspect fired a single shot at the victim. A witness who was present at the scene reported that the victim suffered a leg injury and was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

The case is being investigated by D.C. police as an armed carjacking and assault with a dangerous weapon. Police data shows a significant increase in assault with a dangerous weapon by four percent compared to last year. Similarly, carjackings have also seen a steep rise by 74 percent. Late Friday night, a single shot was heard by Elizabeth Nelson. Nelson mentioned that he didn’t hear any screaming or more gunshots, so he proceeded with his usual routine.

One neighbor went above and beyond by posting laminated signs on the street corner to inform others about the incident that took place. While most neighbors were already aware of the situation, this act of kindness shows a sense of community and consideration for others.

According to the initial notice, there was an armed carjacking, and it contained the case number and a non-emergency phone number for D.C. Police. The stolen car was recovered on Sunday morning, as indicated by the second sign. Nelson expressed that he believes it is beneficial for individuals to be aware of the video, and it would also be advantageous for law enforcement officials to have access to it. He considers this to be a practical approach.

During our investigation, FOX 5 had the opportunity to speak with two individuals who had direct contact with the individual responsible for posting the signs. According to an anonymous resident in the neighborhood, they are concerned about the case and wish to raise awareness without being identified or interviewed.

As of now, the authorities in D.C. have not taken anyone into custody, according to the police. On Monday, a person of interest was captured on surveillance video and they have released it to the public.

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