Sheriff Expresses Disapproval of Allowing Non-Citizen to Serve as Police Officer

Sheriff John Booker of Whiteside County in Illinois has voiced concerns about the state’s recent law that permits non-citizens with a work permit to become police officers. While acknowledging that the law hasn’t impacted Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office yet, Sheriff Booker raised apprehensions about the required thorough background checks for individuals with limited background information.

Expressing his opinion that the law is not a good idea, Sheriff Booker criticized politicians for making decisions without sufficient information. He emphasized the importance of involving law enforcement in the decision-making process, stating that allowing them at the table would ensure gathering necessary information for informed decisions, as opposed to passing laws merely for political gain.

Sheriff Booker’s remarks reflect a broader debate around legislation impacting law enforcement, highlighting the need for collaboration and comprehensive assessments before implementing significant changes.

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