New Orleans’ First Female Mayor, LaToya Cantrell, Under FBI Investigation Over Alleged Relationship with her Bodyguard

Mocobizscene-  New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is under increasing scrutiny due to allegations of misusing taxpayer funds and being involved in an extramarital affair with NOPD Officer Jeffrey Vappie.

The FBI has launched an investigation into the Upper Pontalba apartment, owned by the city, where the two individuals were reportedly spotted together during Vappie’s off-duty hours.

According to insiders familiar with the FBI’s investigation, federal agents are currently looking into the relationship between Cantrell and Vappie, as well as the duration of their stay in the apartment provided by the city.

The New Orleans City Council has responded by issuing a ban on the use of the apartment by Cantrell and any future mayors. Reports have emerged suggesting that Vappie’s wife has filed for divorce due to allegations of her husband’s possible infidelity with the mayor. There have been sightings of them partying together in Los Angeles and even Scotland.

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Both parties have firmly denied any wrongdoing and maintain that their connection is solely professional.

In a recent investigation conducted by Fox 8, Cantrell’s expenses during a trip to a climate action conference in Dubai in December 2023 were brought to light.

Vappie’s travel costs accounted for the majority of the $15,000 spent, as per the disclosed documents. The U.S. Conference of Mayors covered Cantrell’s first-class roundtrip and hotel stay. However, the city funded $1,300 for her spending money and $14,000 for Vappie’s travel expenses.

Cantrell has faced previous controversies, one of which involved violating a policy against using public funds for first-class flights. In late 2022, criticism was directed at her for her extravagant spending of tens of thousands on first-class travel to France and Switzerland, which was a violation of city policy.

Cantrell justified her decision by highlighting the safety concerns faced by Black women on specific commercial flights. Nonetheless, she ultimately reimbursed the city $29,000 for her trips to Europe.

Cantrell’s use of taxpayer funds and her relationship with Officer Vappie have raised questions about her tenure as the first woman elected mayor of New Orleans.

The recent developments also draw comparisons to the allegations made against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. She has been accused of engaging in an affair with Nathan Wade, the prosecutor handling the Donald Trump Georgia case.

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