New Information Revealed About the Final Moments of Model Maleesa Mooney Before Her Death

After her unfortunate demise, her loved ones came forward to express their sorrow and pay tribute to her memory.

“My one and only sister deserves justice, and it breaks my heart to have to make this post,” expressed Jourdin Pauline, a renowned pop star from Guyana, on her Instagram on September 14th. The unexpected loss of her sister, Mooney, has left her devastated, and she cannot fathom the fact that Mooney is no longer with them.”

Mooney, who was also a real estate agent, was remembered in a heartfelt tribute as a person who was “loving” and “kind.”

Pauline expressed her grief by stating that the departed had opened their arms to individuals who did not deserve their friendship. She further added that the departed was the best thing that happened to almost everyone they came across. Pauline found it hard to believe that her baby sister was no more and termed the situation as sickening. She acknowledged that the departed was the reason behind her being the person she is today. The departed was Pauline’s first best friend who taught her everything she knows.

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