New Anti-Climb Fence Installed at Texas Border to Deter Unauthorized Entry

Texas has recently erected a new “anti-climb” fence along the U.S.-Mexico border amid ongoing criticism from Republicans regarding President Joe Biden’s border policies.

In a recent post on X, Fox News reporter Matt Finn shared a video showcasing Texas troops in camouflage gear as they worked on installing a barrier near El Paso. According to Finn, this new fence resembled a “wall” that was previously set up at Eagle Pass. The deployment of a significant number of Texas National Guard in response to Governor Greg Abbott’s declaration of a border “disaster” earlier this year has prompted these efforts.

Finn shared an exclusive video that provides a first-hand glimpse of Texas’ latest wire fence and barrier being constructed in El Paso. The seven-second footage reveals the installation of a standard wire fence, complemented by multiple layers of razor wire. Finn highlights the extensive length of this barrier, comparing it to the successful “wall” in Shelby Park, Eagle Pass.

Republicans are hailing this development as a strong message to the Biden administration and a triumph for Abbott. The Texas Governor has been a strong advocate for this issue and has even expressed his support for former President Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

According to Charlie Kirk, a conservative commentator and founder of Turning Point USA, the fence was installed as a defiance against “the Biden Regime.” Kirk also pointed out that just last month, a group of undocumented migrants successfully knocked down a fence and overpowered the Texas National Guard in their attempt to cross the border in the same area.

“Texas has once again defied the Biden Regime by reclaiming control of the El Paso border,” Kirk stated on X. He added, “This morning, the Texas National Guard took charge and installed concertina wire and a new anti-climb fence. It was on March 21st when a group of illegal immigrants forcefully pushed through border personnel, resulting in rioting and the destruction of the previous razor wire barrier.”

Right-wing political cartoonist Ben Garrison recently shared a captivating drawing that depicts President Biden enclosed within a fence adorned with razor wire. In an amusing twist, an armadillo carrying a Texas flag gazes at the president and boldly declares, “don’t mess with Texas.” While sharing the cartoon, Garrison expressed thoughts similar to those he had shared with Kirk.

In a bold statement, Garrison exclaimed, “You better not mess with Texas!” He proudly announced that the Texas National Guard had once again challenged the Biden regime by reclaiming control of the El Paso border. The Guard took proactive measures by installing concertina wire (razor wire) and erecting a sturdy anti-climb fence.

According to The Conservative Read, a platform dedicated to countering biased mainstream media, they assert that the construction of the fence serves as a response to Biden’s alleged prioritization of undocumented immigrants.

“While the Biden administration refuses to close the border and prioritizes illegal immigrants, Texas is taking action to protect our nation’s sovereignty and security,” the account commented. They shared Finn’s video and stated, “The Texas National Guard is installing new wire fences and barriers in El Paso.”

The actions taken by Texas to independently enforce its own border policies, in direct opposition to the federal government, have not garnered unanimous praise from the American public. Critics from the Biden administration and the political left have labeled Abbott’s strategies as heavy-handed and “cruel,” leading to a number of legal battles in the courts.

On Tuesday, both the White House and Abbott’s office were contacted by Newsweek via email for comment.

According to Biden, Republicans are being accused of deliberately exacerbating the migrant situation in order to enhance their prospects of winning the upcoming presidential election in November. He highlighted that Trump had encouraged GOP lawmakers to obstruct a $118 billion bill, which had allocated $20 billion for border security, earlier this year.

Following the incident on March 21, where more than 100 asylum seekers attempted to illegally enter the U.S. by tearing down a razor wire fence and overpowering troops, the installation of a new fence in El Paso has been initiated. This incident has been described by some as a “riot.”

A judge in El Paso ordered the release of numerous migrants who were accused of participating. However, Michael Cuccaro, the executive director of El Paso County Council of Judges, informed Newsweek that all of them were being returned to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

Last week, Abbott announced that he would be boosting military presence at the border in response to the incident. He issued an order for an extra 700 Texas National Guard troops to be deployed to El Paso, which includes “200 Soldiers of the Texas Tactical Border Force.”

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