Mum kills husband and 2 young daughters as cops give eviction notice after bank foreclosure

Mocobizscene- The Alarcon family is seen inset to the left, next to a picture of their fifteen-year residence in Union, New Jersey. (Obituary; Maps on Google)

When all four family members were found dead, shot in a triple murder-suicide, New Jersey sheriff’s officers delivering an eviction notice on them found their work transformed into a macabre and disturbing commentary on the nature of precarity.

The Union County Sheriff’s Department discovered Ruben Alarcon, 51, Andrea Alarcon, 42, Scarlett Alarcon, 9, and Emma Alarcon, 6, at their Lincrest Terrace home early on January 17. According to a news release from the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, each family member passed away from a deadly gunshot wound.

Only the names of the deceased adults were made public by law enforcement. The family’s entire name was listed in their internet obituary.

Union County Prosecutor William Daniel stated in a statement that “in tragedies of this magnitude, there are no words that can heal, nor explanations that can serve to make sense of them to the public.” “In the wake of this horrific incident, our thoughts are with the victims’ families and friends as well as the Union community at large.”

Related Coverage: The Union Police Department and the prosecutor’s office report that Andrea Alarcon shot and murdered her husband, then shot and killed her two daughters, before turning the pistol on herself. When law enforcement arrived late on the morning in question, they found the murder weapon close to the murderess’s body, according to a joint investigation.

The NBC flagship TV station WNBC in New York City was informed by a neighbor that the Alarcon family had been residing in the residence for fifteen years. According to, that was set to change in the fall of 2023 when the bank that held the title to their home chose to foreclose. The house brought $332,000 when it was sold at a sheriff’s sale in November. After that, the Alarcons had sixty days to go.

As he strolled outside this morning, neighbor David DeCicco told local cable news station News 12 New Jersey, “I was just thinking like oh god, I don’t know what happened.”

When the girls were killed, they were enrolled in the first and third grades.

In remarks to the New York Post, Rafaela Remelgado, a prekindergarten teacher for Emma Alarcon, recalled the younger child as a “petite little girl” with a “wonderful family.”

“I can’t reveal what transpired,” she said to the Post. “However, this was a loving, giving, caring, and nurturing family.”

According to reports, the murderer was a mother who “was on top of everything.”

Law&Crime requested more information from the Union County Sheriff’s Department and the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, but no answers were provided right away.

According to a statement released by Union Police Director Christopher Donnelly, “this is a deeply tragic event that has shaken our community to its core.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and loved ones. We recognize that many people may be going through a trying time, and we urge anyone who is having trouble to get support. There are resources accessible, so you don’t have to face this alone.

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