Mother jumps from bridge after 3-year-old twins die in car

Mocobizscene-A bystander saw two lifeless children, a 3-year-old boy and his twin sister, in the back seat of a car parked close to an on-ramp connecting Interstate 95 to the Florida Turnpike, alerting authorities in North Miami to a tragic event.

The upsetting incident happened at roughly two in the morning on Friday, February 2, and the Miami-Dade Police Department responded quickly after learning of the adolescents’ unresponsiveness. The urgency of the situation increased when the dispatcher informed that the youngsters were experiencing cardiac arrest.

When the police arrived, they found that the driver—who was named as Shirlene Alcime—had jumped over the guardrail and onto the railroad lines next to the on-ramp. The on-ramp and the tracks are quite a distance apart, according to Detective Andre Martin.

The youngsters were rushed to a neighboring hospital by emergency medical personnel, where they were sadly declared deceased.

The twins, known as Milendhere Gabriel Napoleon Cadet and Milenjhit Gabriella Napoleon Cadet, have not shown any outward indications of trauma, according to the authorities, who are still conducting their investigation.

When Milson Cadet, the father of the children who died, returned home later that night after leaving early for work on Thursday morning, he discovered that neither Alcime nor the twins were there. He even tried calling Alcime, but got no response.

Cadet highlighted that Alcime was actively involved in her business endeavors, especially within the Haitian community, and did not have any recognized mental health difficulties. Though a settlement was apparently reached, sources suggest that Alcime faced financial issues because her landlord had started the eviction process because of unpaid rent.

After Alcime jumped onto the tracks below, authorities determined that her actions were consistent with an attempted suicide. While the inquiry into this tragic tragedy is ongoing, she is still in the hospital.

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