Migrants arrested in Arizona for alleged assault on NYC police officers

Mocobizscene-  According to sources from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the individuals who were reportedly involved in the mob beating of NYPD officers were apprehended on Monday evening. The arrest took place at a Greyhound bus station in Phoenix and was carried out by ICE and Homeland Security Investigations.

The authorities have not yet disclosed the identities of the suspects who have been arrested. Additionally, there is a lack of information regarding which specific migrants involved in the assault on the officers were apprehended on Monday.

NYC Migrants Arrested for Assaulting Police Flee to California Upon Release: Report

According to a recent report, migrants who were arrested for assaulting police officers in New York City have allegedly fled to California after being released. This alarming development highlights the challenges law enforcement agencies face in tracking and apprehending individuals who threaten public safety.

The report suggests that these migrants took advantage of the current immigration policies and loopholes, which allow them to move freely between states without facing legal consequences. By fleeing to California, they are able to evade capture and avoid facing charges for their alleged crimes.

This situation raises concerns about the need for improved coordination and communication between law enforcement agencies across different states. It also emphasizes the importance of addressing immigration policies and loopholes that enable individuals to escape accountability for their actions.

Law enforcement agencies in both New York City and California must work together to ensure that individuals who commit crimes are held responsible and that public safety is maintained. Efforts should be made to strengthen immigration enforcement and close any loopholes that allow criminals to evade justice.

As this report sheds light on the issue of migrant criminals fleeing across state lines, it is crucial for policymakers and law enforcement agencies to address this challenge and find effective solutions. The safety and well-being of communities should always be a top priority, and action must be taken to ensure that individuals who commit crimes are held accountable, regardless of their immigration status.

According to an ICE source who spoke to Fox News, Phoenix, Arizona was where authorities arrested a number of illegal migrants suspected of assaulting police officers in New York City. After the incident, it was believed that four migrants who were involved in the mob beating in New York were on their way to California.

Darwin Andres Gomez, aged 19, Kelvin Servita Arocha, aged 19, Wilson Juarez, aged 21, and Yorman Reveron, aged 24, escaped to California after they were released without bail. Later on, Jhoan Boada, aged 22, Jandry Barros, aged 21, and Yohenry Brito, aged 24, were captured.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, expressed her desire to have a conversation with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg regarding the release of the majority of the suspects without bail. During a news conference on Friday, she emphasized the importance of prosecutors seeking to keep these individuals behind bars.

Daniel Penny, a prominent lawyer, expressed his strong disapproval of the release of migrants who had attacked NYPD officers without bail. He found this decision to be highly perplexing and raised concerns about the implications it could have on public safety.

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