Man from Mississippi Arrested for Burglary – Accidentally Leaves Wallet at the Scene

Mocobizscene-A man from Mississippi was arrested and charged with burglary of a residence on Tuesday. The reason for his arrest? He allegedly left behind a crucial piece of evidence at the scene of the crime: his wallet.

The Gulfport Police Department (GPD) responded to a burglary report and discovered a wallet containing a Mississippi identification card belonging to 18-year-old Amare Armon Sullivan.

According to a press release by the GPD, officers were able to identify Sullivan because he left his wallet at the scene, which contained his Mississippi Identification Card. The officers were then called back to the residence around 1:25 p.m. when Sullivan was seen returning to the scene and entering the residence.

Upon the officers’ arrival at the scene, Sullivan hastily made his escape by maneuvering through the apartment before ultimately leaping out of the window on the second floor. The officers swiftly caught up with Sullivan and successfully apprehended him, promptly taking him into custody.

After his arrest, Sullivan was transported to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. There, he underwent processing and is currently being held on a bond amounting to $25,000.

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