IMPD Reports Consecutive Decline In Indianapolis Homicide Rate For Second Year

Mocobizscene- Cities nationwide are eager to demonstrate that they are not plagued by crime and violence.

Indianapolis is progressing towards achieving that goal, as evidenced by the city’s declining homicide rate. In 2023, as the year draws to a close, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has reported a total of 215 homicides.

The city saw a slight decrease in the number of homicides this year compared to last year, with a total of 222 reported. This marks a significant drop from the 274 homicides recorded in 2021.

Samone Burris from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department emphasized that there is still work that needs to be done. She pointed out that this signifies the community’s commitment to taking a stand and voicing their opposition to violence.

The Indianapolis Community Violence Reduction Team, which operates under the Office of Public Safety and Health, has taken charge of the city’s initiative to create safer streets.

“To address the issue at hand, we must acknowledge that it exists,” stated Shardae Hoskins, the program director for the Community Violence Reduction Team. “We cannot rely on external forces to rescue us. There is no quick fix for violence. Resolving this matter will require dedicated effort and hard work.”

Our work primarily centers around mentorship and education programs in high-risk communities. Our main focus is on the 46218 zip code, encompassing the Blackburn Terrace housing development.

“We have made a strong commitment to serving the community in that neighborhood and providing them with comprehensive support on an ongoing basis,” stated Hoskins. “We have witnessed significant success as a result of this approach.”

Hoskins shared that her young son served as her inspiration to bring about positive change in Indianapolis and enhance the city’s overall condition.

According to Hoskins, children should have the freedom to engage in the same activities that previous generations enjoyed without fear of violence. He believes that they should be able to attend parties and gather together like any other young individuals, without any worries or concerns.

According to Hoskins, the key to reducing the homicide rate in Indianapolis is for everyone to have faith in the future of the city.

Hoskins emphasized that the effort to create positive change in the city goes beyond any single organization, the city itself, or community-based groups. It involves all of us as a collective, united in our goal to move the entire city forward in a unified direction.

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