Hundreds of arrests made as police crack down on college protests: Live updates

Protests erupted at various colleges and universities nationwide in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian protesters are urging their colleges to divest funds from Israeli military operations, a move that has sparked concerns among some Jewish students. These students have labeled the protests as antisemitic and expressed fears for their personal safety.

Student protests have erupted across the nation in response to arrests and student removals at Columbia University in New York City. These protests have taken the form of around-the-clock encampments and have spread to various other prestigious institutions such as Yale University, New York University, Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Southern California, and more.

Latest Developments

UCLA has taken the decision to implement additional security measures in response to the ongoing protests on campus regarding the Israel-Hamas war. This announcement was made in a statement released on Sunday.

According to Mary Osako, vice chancellor of UCLA Strategic Communications, UCLA has a rich history of peaceful protest. However, it is with great sadness that we inform you that today, there were instances of physical altercations among demonstrators on Royce Quad.

Osako stated that they have implemented additional security measures and have increased the number of safety team members on site.

According to Osako, as an institution of higher education, it is crucial to uphold the belief that respectful engagement and acknowledgment of each other’s humanity are paramount, even in times of disagreement.

Osako expressed his concern about the physical altercations that occurred during the protests, emphasizing that it was disheartening to see some individuals putting the safety of the community at risk.

The University of California recently made the decision to reject calls for divestment from companies that engage in business with Israel.

The White House emphasized on Sunday that President Joe Biden values the right of protesters to peacefully express their opinions and insists on avoiding any harm during the process.

“The president is aware of the intense emotions surrounding the conflict in Gaza. He acknowledges and appreciates these sentiments. As he has repeatedly emphasized, we fully support the right to peaceful demonstration. It is important for individuals to express their opinions and viewpoints openly, but it must be done in a peaceful manner,” stated the White House national security spokesperson.

On Sunday.

During the demonstrations, Kirby cautioned that certain language used crossed a line with the administration.

“We strongly denounce the recent instances of antisemitic language, alongside all forms of hate speech and threats of violence. While we acknowledge the significance of these protests, it is crucial that they remain peaceful,” he emphasized.

According to Kirby, local authorities have the responsibility to handle the management of these protests. However, it is crucial that these protests remain peaceful and no one gets hurt during the process of peaceful demonstration.

The University of Southern California made the decision to close its main campus on Saturday evening “due to a disturbance,” according to a statement released by the university.

The Los Angeles Police Department has issued a citywide tactical alert in response to a protest taking place on USC’s campus. They are urging people to avoid the area for safety reasons.

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