Gardena hit-and-run motorist kills young kid crossing street with grandmother

Mocobizscene-   The driver who struck the small child while he was crossing the street in Gardena with his grandma is still at large.

Around 10:30 a.m., a car struck the two pedestrians in the crossing at Marine and Budlong avenues, according to the Gardena Police Department. The driver left the area. Although the boy’s age was not immediately disclosed, Eyewitness News was informed by family members that he is less than six.

The youngster and his grandma were discovered by the responding police in the road. The tiny child did not survive, despite the grandmother being sent to a neighboring hospital in a hurry.
Locals complain that cars are frequently rushing through junction red lights, and they want the city to deploy more enforcement.

“We just need more police over here, need more speed traps, we need more tickets given out, and maybe if there’s heavy amount of that, they might slow down,” said a local. “Give it a shot, but they’ve got to do something about it.”
Since then, flowers and candles have been placed at the crash site to create a memorial.
Authorities are requested to be contacted by anyone with information.

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