Firearms Stolen From Store In Greenwood

Mocobizscene- Thieves broke into the office of a Greenwood gun store in the early hours of Thursday morning and made off with a number of firearms and firearm accessories.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department reported that a burglary occurred around 2:13 a.m. at US Defense Solutions, situated in the 5300 block of Mount Pleasant North Street in Greenwood.

The gun store took to Facebook to inform its customers about a recent burglary. According to the post, although the thieves managed to break into the premises, they were unable to gain access to the actual store. Instead, they targeted the office, where they successfully stole several firearms from the owner’s personal collection.

According to a report by US Defense Solutions, the stolen firearms include 50 caliber weapons and fully automatic weapons. The burglary also resulted in the theft of accessories such as night vision equipment, thermal devices, and suppressors.

The gun store assured that none of the customers’ firearms or accessories were tampered with, thanks to the store’s robust security measures.

The store stated that their store and laser engraving machine have suffered significant damage.

The sheriff’s department is requesting the residents of the US Defense Solutions area to review their surveillance videos from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. on December 21. They are specifically looking for any footage that may show street activity, such as vehicles or people. If you have any relevant recordings, kindly assist the authorities by providing the necessary information.

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