Double shooting in Independence leaves family shattered with loss of 2 brothers

The Independence community was left shattered as two brothers were tragically shot down on Sunday, leaving behind a family that is now devastated.

According to Elexa Thornburg, who is a cousin of the two victims, they were not just strangers but also beloved family members. They were someone’s sons and had the ability to light up any room they entered.

The family’s anguish over the shooting has now been joined by the Independence Police Department’s frustration as they were compelled to release the man they had initially arrested.

The loved ones of the deceased want to emphasize the positive impact the men had during their lives. According to their family, both individuals were exceptional individuals.

Adonis Knight is a remarkable individual who has accomplished a great deal. He is a graduate of Olathe North High School and is the first person in his family to attend and graduate from college.

Mario Batrez, who was a doting father of two and cherished his children more than anything in the world, lost his life along with his wife. The tragic news of their demise has spread across the entire Kansas City metro, prompting their loved ones to share with FOX4 the kind of people they were.

Thornburg was left speechless and overwhelmed with emotion upon meeting Adonis and Mario. “Adonis is truly amazing and Mario is a dedicated family man. I was in disbelief and couldn’t find the words to express my feelings. All I could do was cry,” she shared.

Adonis’s best friend, Cole Carmody, expressed his gratitude for the impact Adonis had on many people’s lives through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. He acknowledged the significant influence Adonis had and how it made him appreciate the time they had together even more.

As the community mourned, the question that haunted everyone’s mind was why. Two brothers, beloved members of the community, had been crushed, leaving behind a trail of grief and disbelief. The search for answers seemed futile as everyone struggled to come to terms with the tragedy.

According to Thornburg, the gentleman in question always made it a point to attend every single one of their games. He took every opportunity he could to talk about them, as they were undoubtedly his sources of pride and joy.

Mario Batrez was a man of consistency and a loving father. Meanwhile, his younger brother Adonis Knight was an accomplished 23-year-old who gave his all in everything he did, showing his love as if his life depended on it.

According to Carmody, he wasn’t just a source of inspiration for his loved ones, but for the whole community as well. Those who are familiar with his story can attest that he was one of the most remarkable individuals they have ever encountered.

On Sunday night, an unknown assailant took the lives of several men in a neighborhood situated just south of the Hidden Valley Sports Complex located in Independence. The reason behind the shooting remains unclear at this point in time.

An arrest has been made by the police in the case, however, the man is currently out of jail due to lack of evidence.

She expressed her anguish, “You have taken away the two most important lives to us and we can never have them back. It’s a devastating loss. We are left with only memories, and it’s an extremely difficult time for us.”

Carmody shared her belief that there is a greater power and everything happens for a reason, even though it may not make sense to others. She added that God has a plan, and the person she was referring to is now in a better place.

In a mere two weeks, Adonis would have celebrated his 24th birthday. However, his family is now left with the painful task of burying him.

It has been confirmed that the brothers will have a joint funeral, although the details are yet to be announced.

IPD and the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office reported that the homicide review committee had to review the case, which left the police officers who had already made an arrest feeling frustrated.

The police have stated that the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office is responsible for making the decision to charge. In the absence of charges or a warrant, they are required to release the individual within 24 hours.

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