Double shooting in Glenville neighborhood leaves 1 dead and 1 injured

Cleveland police are currently conducting an investigation into a shooting incident that resulted in two individuals being injured in the Glenville neighborhood.

Around 10:20 p.m. Wednesday, a double shooting in the vicinity of East 105th Street and Pasadena Avenue prompted Cleveland police to take immediate action.

According to authorities, a male in his 40s was taken to a nearby medical facility after sustaining a gunshot wound. Tragically, he passed away while receiving treatment at the hospital.

Upon returning to the scene, the law enforcement officials discovered another individual who had suffered a gunshot wound. The wounded person was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

It is currently unclear what condition the second victim is in. Cleveland EMS has been asked for information. According to the police, the shootings are still under investigation and no arrests have been made yet.

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