Doctor facing charges for assaulting police officer during failed Capitol coup seeks plea deal

Mocobizscene- Dr. Jacquelyn Starer, a gynecologist and addiction-recovery specialist from Ashland, previously associated with Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain, is currently in discussions for a potential plea deal in relation to the charges brought against her for allegedly punching a DC police officer in the head during the unsuccessful January 6th insurrection in Washington. This information comes from court records.

Judge Timothy Kelly of the US District Court in Washington has rescheduled the hearing date to Feb. 23 to discuss the status of the case. Originally set for Jan. 8, the hearing was pushed back due to the parties’ requirement for more time to conduct plea negotiations.

Last week, Joseph Fisher, a retired Boston Police K9 officer from Plymouth, admitted guilt in obstructing a Capitol Police officer’s pursuit of another insurrectionist, using a chair in the process. The sentencing for his charges is set for May 24. Mark Sahady, one of the organizers of a Massachusetts Vanilla ISIS bus trip to DC, is scheduled for trial on August 12. His case has faced multiple delays due to his frequent changes of attorneys, according to court records.

An FBI agent’s affidavit regarding the Starer case reveals that Starer played a significant role in the events inside the Capitol during the attempted insurrection. However, her participation was abruptly interrupted when she was sprayed with mace by the police. As a result, she had to retreat outside in search of impromptu medical assistance.

Officer M.B. stated that a blonde woman wearing a red jacket and hat punched her in the left side of her head. According to Officer M.B., her Sergeant pulled her back to check on her, Officer M.B. told the Sergeant she had been punched by the woman, and the Sergeant told her to return to the line. Officer M.B. stated that the blonde woman came at her again, and Officer M.B. struck the woman in response.

According to the affidavit, the FBI received a tip from a Massachusetts resident just five days after the Y’all Queda attack.

Tipster-1 stated they were aware prior to the events of January 6, 2021 that STARER planned to attend a march on the Capitol. According to Tipster-1, prior to January 6, 2021, STARER bragged to a mutual acquaintance that she “was prepared” for it, with a mesh knife-proof shirt and bottles of pepper spray.

In December 2022, Starer was arrested and has since been released on personal recognizance. As part of her release conditions, she is required to undergo periodic drug testing.

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