DC homeless man with alleged violent past receives $400K in donations through viral TikTok

Mocobizscene- A heartwarming TikTok video showcasing a student interning in D.C. lending a helping hand to a homeless man has taken the internet by storm. The video quickly went viral, prompting a GoFundMe campaign that has now surpassed $400,000 in donations for the man. However, recent doubts have emerged concerning the alleged criminal background of the individual in question. FOX 5’s Sierra Fox brings you the full story.

A heartwarming TikTok video featuring a college student interning in D.C. and buying a homeless man a cup of tea is gaining popularity. This kind-hearted gesture prompted the young woman to set up a GoFundMe campaign for him, which has astonishingly raised over $400,000.

FOX 5 has discovered that the individual possesses an extensive criminal record and has spent a significant amount of time incarcerated over the years.

During an exclusive interview with FOX 5, a woman revealed that the individual seen in the video, Alonzo Douglas Hebron, is the same individual who assaulted her. The distressing incident was caught on camera.

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