Columbia University student ridiculed after viral video suggests occupiers could perish if food delivery is interrupted

A Columbia University graduate student gained widespread attention on the internet after expressing concern for the protesters’ well-being. He emphasized the urgent need for authorities to provide food and water to ensure that the protesters would not face life-threatening consequences.

When asked about Columbia’s responsibility in providing food access for students occupying the campus building Hamilton Hall, the student emphasized that they are obligated to provide food to students who have paid for a meal plan here, according to the student.

According to National Review, the person identified as Johannah King-Slutzky, is reported to be an instructor and Ph.D. candidate at Columbia.

Two Columbia students who confronted a mob have come forward to share their account, stating that they were being closely monitored by a car filled with masked individuals.

A Columbia student gained online fame when they expressed concern to the media about the protesters potentially facing life-threatening consequences if they did not receive essential supplies like food and water.

“I suppose it boils down to the kind of community and responsibility Columbia believes it has towards its students,” remarked King-Slutzky. “Do they want students to suffer from dehydration and starvation, or fall seriously ill, even if they hold differing opinions?”

She emphasized, “If the response is negative, then we should at least provide the most basic form of assistance. I mean, it’s astonishing to think that on an Ivy League campus, we are debating something as fundamental as humanitarian aid. We are simply asking for something as basic as a glass of water, can’t people understand and fulfill this simple request?”

“Taking over a campus building, Columbia students are now demanding access to food and water, claiming it as their basic human rights,” expressed Clay Travis, the founder of Outkick. “It’s quite astonishing, isn’t it?”

Columbia students who were present during the takeover of a building by anti-Israel protesters have shared their experiences and expressed their feelings of isolation.

During an interview, a reporter questioned the student about her requests for food and water. The reporter expressed his understanding of the situation, suggesting that the students were essentially asking for support while also advocating for change.

According to Yale professor Nicholas Christakis, the statements made by this individual do not reflect the mindset of a serious individual. He believes that the lack of factual evidence and logical reasoning in their arguments indicates a lack of experience in defending their views. Additionally, he suggests that this person’s confidence in their ideas might stem from a lack of intellectual challenges and a failure on the part of their university to teach critical thinking skills.

Liberal commentator Joanne Carducci emphasized the importance of having snacks while being a revolutionary.

Carducci added that the fact that this statement ends with “but the Grubhub” is perhaps the most profound reflection of the current era we find ourselves in.

Conservative commentator and show host Liz Wheeler criticized the professor, stating that her entire bio on Columbia’s website revolves around a Marxist perspective. Wheeler further labeled her as a “literal communist” who complains and expects someone to bring her a lunch box.

A reporter questioned the student about her requests for food and water, implying that it seemed as if they were demanding provisions while also claiming to be revolutionaries who wanted to take over the building.

“They are not being asked to bring anything,” she replied. “We simply request that they do not impede us from delivering essential humanitarian assistance.”

The New York Police Department successfully cleared Hamilton Hall on Columbia’s campus on Tuesday night, at approximately 11 p.m. ET. The hall had been occupied by students for nearly 24 hours before the police intervened.

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