Colorado resort remains closed on Friday due to daily whiteout conditions with over 50″ of snow in certain areas

Snowfall is expected to continue on Friday in the southern mountains, while the central and northern mountains will experience a temporary respite after receiving significant amounts of snow ranging from 10 to 50 inches. Due to safety concerns, Eldora will remain closed on Friday. However, Echo Mountain, Arapahoe Basin, Monarch, and Loveland are either planning to open or have already opened their slopes (for the latest updates, please refer to their social media sites or official websites).

If you’re planning to go skiing or riding, it’s important to note that some mountain roads are still closed on Friday. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan ahead and be aware of any potential road closures before heading out.

    • US 6 Loveland Pass from mile point 222 to 229
    • CO 9 Hoosier Pass from mile point 64 to 80. (CO 9 is not a viable detour for any vehicles from I-70 – passenger vehicles may stay on I-70)
    • CO 14 from mile point 61 to 121
    • CO 46 from mile point 0 to 6
    • US 6 Clear Creek Canyon mile point 260 to 271
    • US 285 SB from Morrison CO 8 to Pine Junction from mile 249 to 229

On Friday, March 14, I had the incredible opportunity to experience the exhilarating powder riding at both Breckenridge and Copper Mountain. It was a day filled with unforgettable moments of pure bliss and tranquility.


Snowfall was relentless in the eastern Front Range mountains and along the Continental Divide, lasting from midnight until 11:59 p.m. During this time, ski areas and resorts across the state were blanketed with a substantial amount of snow, ranging between 10 to 24 inches. On the western side of the divide, a more modest accumulation of 2 to 6 inches of new snow was recorded.

Two low pressure systems, one in southern Arizona and one in western Oklahoma, caused the significant snow accumulations. These systems pushed moisture back into Colorado, resulting in an upslope snow event that lasted for approximately 36 hours.

Overnight, the low pressure system in Oklahoma started moving towards the east, while another low pressure system in Arizona continued to bring snowfall to southern Colorado.

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Snow will gradually decrease in the northern, central, and eastern mountains on Friday, while it will persist and intensify in the southern mountains.

The synoptic composite from predicts that the area of low pressure, located between Las Vegas, Nevada and Yuma, Arizona, will remain stationary until Sunday afternoon. After that, it will start moving towards the east, crossing Arizona and heading into New Mexico.

Expect significant snowfall in Purgatory, Wolf Creek, Silverton, and Kendall from Friday to Saturday night. These areas could receive between 10 to 20 inches, and potentially up to 30 inches, with Wolf Creek and Purgatory experiencing the most accumulation.

According to the forecast, it seems that the snowfall will not extend beyond the San Juan mountains to reach Crested Butte and Monarch. However, areas like Telluride, Kendall, and Silverton are expected to receive a significant amount of snow. The accumulation is projected to be between 10 to 15 inches by Sunday morning.

The ski areas and resorts in the central and northern mountains can expect temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s over the weekend. There will be light snowfall throughout each day, resulting in accumulations of 1-5 inches, with potentially more in the central mountains.

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Most of Colorado will experience calmer weather from Monday to Friday morning, with the exception of the southern mountains where snow showers are expected to persist on Monday and part of Tuesday.

Long-range forecasts are indicating that another storm system is expected to enter the state from the northwest on Friday morning, bringing snow until Saturday morning. However, there appears to be a brief break in the action on Saturday before another storm approaches on Sunday morning, this time from the west and southwest.

The stormy pattern is expected to reappear in the last 9-10 days of March, although more details about these storms will become clear as they approach.

Today’s 24 hour and (storm) snow totals from Colorado resorts:

Arapahoe Basin received a fresh 3 inches of snow, bringing the total snowfall for the season to 19 inches.

Aspen Mountain received 4 inches of fresh snow in the past 24 hours, bringing the total snowfall to 9 inches.

The snowfall at Aspen Highlands has reached a total of 2 inches, with 8 inches of snow accumulating over the past period.

Beaver Creek received no new snowfall, with a total of 6 inches of snow recorded.

Breckenridge received a significant snowfall of 4 inches, with some areas reporting up to 6 inches.

The thickness of the buttermilk should be about 1 inch (3 centimeters).

The Cooper – 4″ (11″)

Copper Mountain received a total of 3 inches of snowfall, with the possibility of up to 9 inches.

In Crested Butte, the snowfall this week has been 0 inches, with a total of 5 inches so far.

Echo Mountain, a ski resort known for its beautiful slopes, offers a thrilling experience with its 24″ (54″) of snowfall.

Eldora Mountain received 13 inches of fresh snow, bringing the total snowfall to an impressive 44 inches.

Granby Ranch received no snowfall this week, with a total of 8 inches of snowfall in the season so far.

Hesperus – Closed for the Season

Howelsen Hill received half an inch of snow, bringing the total snowfall to 3.5 inches.

Kendall Mountain offers a snowfall of 2 inches, providing an exciting opportunity for winter enthusiasts to enjoy the slopes. The mountain is open on weekends, allowing visitors to make the most of their time on the snow-covered terrain.

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Loveland received an impressive 11 inches of snowfall, resulting in a total snow depth of 34 inches.

The Monarch – 15″ (19″)

Powderhorn received 3 inches of fresh snow, bringing the total snowfall to 8 inches.

Silverton received 2 inches (4 inches) of snowfall.

Snowmass received a total of 7 inches of fresh snow, with 1 inch falling recently.

The steamboat measures 4 inches in height and 13 inches in length.

The sunlight is at its peak, shining down with a brightness of zero inches (three inches).

The snowfall in Telluride measures a whopping 5 inches, or 13 centimeters.

Vail – Zero inches (seven inches).

Winter Park received a total of 4 inches of snowfall, bringing the season’s snow accumulation to 22 inches.

The Wolf Creek trail offers a challenging and thrilling experience for hikers. With a length of 6 miles (12 kilometers), this trail is perfect for those seeking an adventurous outdoor excursion.

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