Police in Massachusetts say a bear dragged a body from a car crash

According to State Police, it is believed that a bear dragged the body of a crash victim out of his car on Sunday in Hatfield, western Massachusetts.

At 11 a.m. on Sunday, another driver contacted the police after spotting a car in the woods alongside the road. Troopers arrived at the scene and discovered a 2016 Honda Civic that had sustained significant damage hidden among the trees.

Troopers saw bear in woods at crash scene

According to a statement by State Police, when the first responders arrived at the scene, they found the male occupant of the vehicle already deceased and outside the car. They also observed a bear in the nearby woods. The evidence suggests that the bear had made contact with the victim’s body at some point.

Troopers were at the scene when the bear made a quick getaway from the area.

The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the crash. It appears that Ducharme was the sole occupant of the vehicle at the time. According to the police, it seems that he somehow lost control of the car, leading to multiple collisions with the guardrail. Eventually, the car veered off the road on the right side, went down an embankment, and collided with several trees.

Black bears active in Massachusetts

Hatfield, Massachusetts is home to a thriving population of black bears, with an estimated count of over 4,500 bears.

In March, wildlife officials issued a reminder to residents about the emergence of bears from hibernation and their search for food.

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