Bronx resident receives prison sentence for involvement in scam targeting grandparents

Mocobizscene-  Authorities have announced that a man from New York has been sentenced to prison for his involvement as a courier in a fraudulent scheme that specifically targeted elderly victims known as the “grandparents” scam.

Yeurys Peguero-Rosario, a 25-year-old resident of Bronx, NY, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison. This will be followed by a three-year term of supervised release. Peguero-Rosario was involved in a fraudulent scheme known as the “grandparents” scam. The scheme originated in the Dominican Republic and targeted elderly victims from various states in the US. The Middle District of Pennsylvania has reported this information.

From June 2020 to October 2020, Peguero-Rosario, along with a group of men from the Bronx, frequently made trips from New York City to various locations in Pennsylvania. Their purpose was to collect UPS and FedEx packages that held substantial amounts of cash.

Elderly victims were deceived into sending money after receiving false claims that their grandchildren had been arrested and faced serious charges. The scammers manipulated them into believing that their grandchildren urgently needed financial assistance.

The elderly victims received phone calls from co-conspirators in the Dominican Republic who posed as either their grandchildren or attorneys representing their grandchildren. These individuals made false claims during the calls.

During his sentencing, Peguero-Rosario received an order to compensate the victims of the scheme with a restitution amounting to $200,000.

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