Assistance Required from Community Members to Identify Homeless Individuals in Virginia Beach

Mocobizscene-  The public is being asked for assistance by Virginia Beach Housing & Neighborhood Preservation in locating areas where individuals are without shelter. This data will be helpful when staff does the homeless population count on the streets in 2024. Through January 9, 2024, the public can submit locations online at

The agency searches for indicators of homelessness, such as abandoned personal belongings or individuals who are frequently spotted in the same area.

Administrator of Homeless Services Pam Shine stated that the city has a team that assists those who are homeless. After evaluating their needs, the team arranges for them to have access to resources and housing. By connecting them to resources, the web application will assist in counting all homeless people.

Cities receiving federal assistance for homeless programs are required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to carry out a count. This census provides an idea of the number of homeless persons on a particular January day. Funding allocations for homeless programs and assistance in a community are made possible in part by the statistics.

Approximately $2 million is donated annually to homeless services in Virginia Beach. Understanding homelessness, identifying patterns, and devising strategies to more effectively serve the needs of the homeless all depend on the information gathered during the census.

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