Ashley Olsen Seen in NYC After Baby No. 1 Birth Allegedly Tensed Twins Mary-Kate

Ashley Olsen, who welcomed her first child earlier this year, was seen out and about in New York City on Wednesday, November 1. The sighting was a rare public appearance for the actress and fashion designer.

Sporting a black beanie, oversized sunglasses, and a crocodile skin purse, the ex-actress (who happens to have a twin sister named Mary-Kate Olsen) opted for a casual look. Her attire consisted of distressed jeans, a navy jacket, and a pair of white socks paired with sandals.

Months after giving birth to her son, Otto, with her husband Louis Eisner, the star enjoyed a day out. As previously reported by OK! , there has been tension in Ashley and Mary-Kate’s relationship following the birth of the newborn. The twins, who had been inseparable their entire lives, have reportedly been experiencing some strain.

Mary-Kate reportedly expects Ashley to maintain her previous lifestyle despite her new role as a mother. According to a source, the younger twin is finding it difficult to come to terms with this new persona of her sister. The source revealed that the younger twin holds her brother-in-law responsible for the divide in their sisterly bond.

“They explained that blaming Louis is understandable since he is the one setting clear boundaries and making sure they are respected,” stated in the paragraph. It seems that Mary-Kate is not the only one affected by the distance between them. Ashley too is saddened by the situation.

According to a source, the situation has been challenging for her as she dislikes causing distress to her sister. However, since she has become a mother, her primary focus is her son, and she and Louis have established their own small family.

“They stated that the unfortunate reality is that things have changed.”

As reported earlier by OK!, in August, another source expressed their excitement about Ashley and her husband welcoming their newborn.

“It was quite surprising news, especially because nobody was aware of Ashley’s pregnancy in the first place,” the source revealed. “However, Ashley, like Mary-Kate, has always made an effort to keep her personal life away from the public eye, so this development is in line with her usual approach.”

According to sources, the couple, who started their romance in 2017, are currently overjoyed and feeling incredibly blessed. According to the source, Mary-Kate and Elizabeth Olsen were thrilled with the news.

According to a source, the aunt of the baby is overjoyed with the arrival and is showering the little one with love and affection. The source also revealed that Ashley and Louis are equally thrilled and spoiling the baby with all the attention and care they can give. Ashley Olsen’s net worth has skyrocketed to an estimated $250 million, thanks to the success of her business venture, The Row. This means that in addition to his wealthy aunts, Otto will have access to everything he could ever need.

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According to a source close to the family, Ashley has spared no expense in creating a luxurious nursery for her child. The insider claims that the baby will have access to the finest designer clothing, ensuring that they want for nothing.

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