Walmart Implements Significant Modifications to Coupon Policies in New York

Around 100 Walmart stores located in New York State are implementing a significant modification.

According to Coupons In The News by Newsbreak, Walmart has recently announced modifications to its coupon policy. This is the first time the retail giant has made any changes to its coupon policy in six years.

Walmart No Longer Honors Cashback

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Previously, Walmart used to accept coupons at their full value. This implied that if the coupon had a higher value than the actual item purchased, customers were entitled to receive the remaining amount in cash. However, this policy has been updated recently.

According to Walmart’s latest policy, they do not offer cash back or apply overages to other items if the value of a coupon exceeds the purchase price of an item, including WIC and SNAP. The policy states that the coupon’s value will be applied up to the item’s price, and any remaining value will not be applied to the overall transaction total.

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No More Overrides

The elimination of coupon overrides is a significant modification. This implies that the validity of the coupon is determined by the register itself. In case the coupon fails to scan correctly, it will be deemed as invalid.

Previously, when a coupon failed to scan, a manager had the authority to either accept or override it.

According to Walmart’s new policy, customers must present all coupons during the time of purchase, and the coupons must have a scannable GS1 barcode. The policy also emphasizes that the coupon must be validated to Walmart’s master file, as it must scan at the register.

Mismatch Coupons Not Allowed

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Walmart has recently announced that it will no longer accept coupons that do not match the product being purchased. This means that customers will not be able to use coupons that have been intended for a different product. It is important for customers to ensure that the coupons they are using match the product they are buying in order to avoid any inconvenience at the checkout counter.

According to Walmart, it is mandatory for any items purchased with a coupon to match the coupon description, including the brand, size, quantity, color, flavor, and so on. Any coupons that do not match the purchased items will be denied as per their policy.

Limit Of 4 Identical Coupons

Walmart has implemented a new policy that restricts the use of coupons to a maximum of four identical coupons per household, per day. Feel free to use as many different types of coupons as you want, but keep in mind that you can’t use four of the same coupon.

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