Arrests Made In Los Angeles County For String Of Armed Robberies

Mocobizscene-The law enforcement authorities have apprehended two individuals suspected of committing a string of armed robberies throughout Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles Police Department has identified the suspects as Amauje Ferguson, 27, from Nevada, and Charles Christopher, 24, from L.A.

Around 6:30 a.m. on December 18th, Ferguson walked into a convenience store located on the 800 block of West Rosecrans Avenue. According to the police, he aimed a handgun at the clerk and demanded money from the cash register.

On December 20th, at 6:30 a.m., Ferguson allegedly committed a robbery at another convenience store located on the 500 block of West El Segundo Boulevard, using the same modus operandi.

When the officers arrived at the scene of the second robbery, they immediately noticed the Ferguson’s vehicle in close proximity. However, instead of complying with their orders to pull over, Mr. Ferguson decided to evade the police, initiating a dangerous pursuit. As he raced through the streets, he recklessly threw out clothing and money from the car windows, further escalating the situation.

The authorities later confirmed that those items were indeed the stolen money from the robbery and the clothing worn by the suspect at the time of the incident.

Officers successfully apprehended Ferguson once the pursuit concluded. Detectives uncovered evidence linking Ferguson to another robbery that occurred on the 5000 block of Wilshire Boulevard merely two hours prior to his arrest.

The authorities have arrested him on charges of robbery, and he is currently being held in custody without the possibility of bail.

Christopher, the second suspect, allegedly committed a robbery at a convenience store located on the 15300 block of South Figueroa Street on December 22. According to the police, he entered the shop, brandished a handgun at the store clerk, and demanded money from the register.

The authorities eventually found and apprehended him on the 12300 block of South Willowbrook Avenue in Compton. When they arrested him, they discovered a firearm, the stolen money, and the clothes he had worn during the robbery.

Christopher is facing charges of robbery and is currently in custody on a bail amounting to $100,000. Detectives are not of the belief that the incidents involving Ferguson and Christopher are related.

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