Ames Set to Make a Huge Comeback with 35 New Stores Opening by 2027

A well-loved retail chain, which closed its doors in 2002, is making a grand comeback with the exciting news of multiple new stores set to open in New York.

Rising from the Ashes

The nation is facing an economic downturn that has impacted various sectors and industries. The effects of this downturn are widespread, with businesses struggling to stay afloat and individuals facing financial hardships. This economic crisis has caused unemployment rates to rise and consumer spending to decline. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors, leading to job losses and economic instability. As the nation grapples with these challenges, policymakers and stakeholders need to come together and implement strategies to stimulate economic growth and support those affected by the downturn. It is crucial to address the root causes of the economic downturn and provide assistance to industries and individuals who have been hit the hardest. By taking proactive measures, we can navigate through this economic crisis and lay the groundwork for a more resilient and prosperous future.

Ames, a prominent retail chain, thrived in the United States from 1958 until its closure in 2002. With a staggering 700 stores spread across 20 states, this beloved retailer left an indelible mark. In New York State alone, Ames boasted approximately 25 locations. However, the former Ames store on Erie Boulevard West in Rome has since transformed into a Grand Union.

People in the Northeast fondly recall the department chain for its budget-friendly prices on a variety of products including footwear, furniture, toys, clothing, and more.

During my childhood, Ames was our family’s preferred choice for purchasing various items such as televisions, clothes, and decorations. We would visit the store on a regular basis, and the color that always stood out to me was the iconic shade of seafoam green. It holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of those cherished memories from my early years.

Growing up in Connecticut, millennials had access to stores like Ames and XPect Discounts, which were the go-to destinations for shopping. While kids these days have Walmart and Target, Ames and XPect Discounts held a special place in the hearts of many millennials. These stores provided a unique shopping experience and a wide variety of products at affordable prices. From clothing to household items, Ames and XPect Discounts were the go-to places for millennials to find everything they needed. The memories of browsing through the aisles and discovering hidden treasures at these stores still bring a sense of nostalgia to many millennials in Connecticut.

Over two decades have passed since the closure of the final Ames store, but there is fresh news for fans of the beloved chain. Cross Moline Ventures, a U.S. subsidiary of the British company Molyneux Group, has acquired Ames. Interestingly, the Molyneux Group also holds the rights to Bradlees, another cherished franchise that sadly met its demise in 2001.

A new website, purportedly the official site for Ames, was launched in 2022, announcing the upcoming opening of new department stores in the following year.

Reports about the chain’s new owners lacking activity fizzled soon after. Many believed it to be a hoax until this month. However, the “official” Ames website recently announced its massive comeback, putting all doubts to rest.

The retail chain has announced its plan to open 35 new locations within the next 3 years.

Grand Reopening Planned for 2026

Ames Department Stores Announces Closing

In June 2026, Ames revealed that shoppers would once again have the opportunity to benefit from their unbeatable prices.

Ames formally announced on their Twitter page that June 2026 is the new scheduled opening date for brick & mortar Ames locations. There are currently 35 locations planned to open across the United States by late 2027, with plans to add more locations during 2028.

The company has exciting plans in store, which consist of establishing 7 fresh distribution centers. In addition, they are working on enhancing their website to offer a better user experience that will facilitate online ordering and home delivery.

Ames is set to introduce a new addition to its chain called the “Ames Cafe.” Following in the footsteps of retail giants like Target and Walmart, which have successfully partnered with popular coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’, Ames aims to launch its very own coffee chain within its upcoming stores.

In addition, Ames has plans to open pharmacies at its participating locations, further enhancing its competitiveness against dollar stores.

Several new locations of the chain will be opening in New York, according to a recent report from WRPI in Rhode Island. The announcement of these new openings is expected to be made soon.

How Many Ames Stores Will open in New York?

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I recently had a conversation with Shannon de Molyneux, who claims to be the president of Cross Moline Ventures, regarding their plans to revive the chain after a 22-year break. According to de Molyneux, the initial store is expected to open in Connecticut, the birthplace of the chain back in 1958.

Store locations in New York and Pennsylvania are confirmed, according to the spokesperson. However, specific details regarding the exact locations have not been disclosed.

Furthermore, de Molyneux emphasized that Ames locations will now offer a wide range of groceries, placing them on par with retail giants such as Walmart and Target.

According to her, the stores honor the original chain, which means that shoppers who were familiar with the old Ames may feel a wave of nostalgia.

Stores will have a similar feel to the originals, with drop ceilings instead of ‘warehouse style’ open ceilings, [as well as] carpet and tile throughout the stores instead of polished concrete.

According to her, the Ames logo will not undergo any major changes. However, there will be slight modifications to enhance its modern appeal.

I must admit, this news seems too good to be true, leaving room for skepticism about whether it’s an elaborate hoax. However, I can’t help but feel cautiously optimistic about the possibility of Ames making a comeback. There has been a significant amount of effort already invested in this endeavor, evident by the establishment of various social media pages, including LinkedIn profiles for the individuals involved in this purported venture.

Spending two years just to admit it was all a joke would not be worth the effort invested.

This could potentially be an elaborate marketing scheme aimed at gathering valuable data. Alternatively, it could simply be a group of individuals with an excessive amount of free time indulging in pranks.

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