Over 34,000 Deaths and 76,000 Injuries Reported in Gaza as Israel and Iran Trade Missile Strikes

According to the Hamas health ministry, the number of fatalities in Gaza has now exceeded 34,000, while over 76,000 Palestinians have been injured in the ongoing exchange of missile strikes between Israel and Iran.

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According to a report by The Times of Israel, the health ministry controlled by Hamas has stated that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have caused the death of at least 34,012 Palestinians and injured 76,833 others in the Gaza Strip since October 7. The victims of this military offensive mainly consist of women and children.

According to the publication, it is difficult to independently verify the exact numbers as there are believed to be tens of thousands of people buried in the ruins of homes, shops, shelters, and other structures. Israel also asserts that they have killed over 13,000 Hamas gunmen in battle and about 1,000 terrorists within their country since October 7. Moreover, reports indicate that the IDF’s Gaza ground operation has resulted in the deaths of 260 soldiers.

The U.S. House has rejected a bill proposed by Republicans that aimed to provide $17.6 billion in military aid to Israel. This decision came after President Biden threatened to veto the bill.

The somber moment in Palestine comes at a time when the prospects of a ceasefire are fading, and the global focus is shifting from the conflict between Israel and Gaza to the escalating tensions between Israel and Iran. We recently highlighted on our Instagram page (April 14) that Iran unleashed over 300 drones and missiles into Israel, but thanks to the efforts of United States and United Kingdom forces, a staggering 99 percent of them were successfully intercepted and shot down.

On Thursday, April 18, we provided an update on Instagram regarding Israel’s response to Tehran’s attack. In retaliation, Israel launched several missiles into Iran on Friday morning, specifically targeting a military site in the central province of Isfahan. Iranian officials in Tehran have claimed that their air defenses successfully intercepted three drones during the attack, as reported by CNN.

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Israel responded to Iran’s recent attack with a retaliatory strike. This came after Iran claimed that their attack was in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike on their consulate in Syria. It is noteworthy that this was the first time Iran directly targeted Israel from its own territory.

According to CNN, following Iran’s retaliatory strike, there have been calls for Israel, including the United States, to de-escalate the situation in order to prevent further tensions. This request comes at a critical time as Israel is currently engaged in an ongoing conflict with Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza, which has heightened tensions between Israel, Iran, and neighboring countries.

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According to the Hamas Health Ministry, the death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 34,000, with over 76,000 Palestinians sustaining injuries. This news comes amidst a series of missile strikes being exchanged between Israel and Iran. The situation remains tense and volatile in the region.

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