Alabama Boy Dies In Christmas Eve Family Gathering Shooting Unexpectedly

Mocobizscene-Following an apparent unintentional shooting on Sunday in Alabama, a 12-year-old kid passed away.

Around five o’clock in the evening, officers were called to a complaint of a juvenile shot on Pike Road in Birmingham, according to Truman Fitzgerald, the public information officer for the Birmingham Police Department.

When they got to the scene, they discovered a 12-year-old boy wounded by a gunshot in an alley. The infant was taken to Children’s of Alabama, where, according to CBS 42, he was declared dead not long after.

Fitzgerald stated, “We believe the juvenile accidently shot himself while handling a firearm based on everything our officers have gathered.” “There is no evidence that he was shot by anyone else.”

The child might have been visiting a family friend, he suggested. “So you have a group of friends and family all gathered for the holidays and this unfortunate tragedy took place,” he told WVTM.

Even if it seems like an accident, authorities will continue to look into the shooting.

Law enforcement thinks the preteen may have obtained the rifle from a neighboring vehicle, according to There were adults at the location.

“Everyone who was present is assisting us,” stated Fitzgerald. “This will be investigated in the same manner as any other juvenile death.”

This week’s tragic gunshot marks Birmingham’s second unintentional child shooting incident. Kacey Jackson, 3, passed away on Thursday, allegedly as a result of discovering a pistol within a house.

“We know from talking to the families of the victims that dates trigger trauma and memories, and you have a holiday as big as Christmas where we have lost two of our children, and that is the worst thing about these two deaths,” Fitzgerald remarked.

“You can only imagine how these families will celebrate Christmas in the future.”

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