5 Worst Places to Live in Arizona

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, boasts stunning desert landscapes, year-round sunshine, and a vibrant cultural scene. However, like any state, it has places that are less desirable to live in. This article delves into five Arizona locations that might not be the best choices for those looking to relocate. We’ll discuss factors such as:

  • Crime rates
  • Economic opportunity
  • Cost of living
  • Quality of life

1. South Phoenix, Arizona

South Phoenix has garnered a reputation for its high crime rates, particularly violent crime. Unfortunately, this area experiences frequent incidents of assault, robbery, and even homicides. Socioeconomic factors, such as poverty and limited job prospects, contribute to the crime issues. These factors can create a cycle of disadvantage for residents.

2. Coolidge, Arizona

Coolidge consistently faces a difficult economic climate. Job opportunities are scarce, and many residents struggle to make ends meet. The lack of economic growth has hampered infrastructure development, with roads and public services in need of improvement. Additionally, Coolidge offers limited amenities and entertainment options for its residents.

3. Globe, Arizona

Globe’s economy has traditionally relied heavily on the mining industry. However, with the decline of mining, the city has struggled economically. This downturn impacts employment prospects for residents. Furthermore, Globe experiences higher than average crime rates compared to the national average. Finally, residents express concerns about a lack of diversity and limited cultural events.

4. Winslow, Arizona

Located in a remote part of northern Arizona, Winslow grapples with isolation and a dwindling economy. Access to essential services like healthcare and education can be a challenge due to its distance from major urban centers. The lack of economic growth has restricted job creation, making it difficult for residents to find steady employment. Winslow, like other places on this list, also struggles with upkeep of its infrastructure.

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5. South Tucson, Arizona

South Tucson persistently faces high poverty levels, which directly contribute to many of its problems. Safety is a major concern, as crime rates exceed those of the state average. Residents may feel uneasy due to property crimes and incidents of violence. The lack of economic resources limits investment in public services and restricts the community’s overall development.

Important Considerations

It’s crucial to note that this list isn’t meant to universally condemn these locations. Every city has its positive aspects and challenges. Factors influencing a person’s decision on where to live are highly individual, including:

  • Personal Priorities: What matters most to you – safety, affordable housing, vibrant nightlife? Different places will offer different amenities.
  • Lifestyle Fit: Are you seeking a close-knit community or bustling urban life? The personality of a place matters.
  • Financial Resources: Some areas may have inexpensive housing yet higher crime rates. Cost of living must be weighed carefully against other factors.

Where to Find Reliable Information

If you’re considering relocating to Arizona, thorough research is crucial. Here are some trustworthy sources to consult:

  • Government Websites:
  • City-Specific Websites: Check the official websites of cities you’re interested in for information on amenities, services, and local news.
  • Reputable Real Estate Websites: Sites like Zillow (https://www.zillow.com/) and Trulia (https://www.trulia.com/) offer insights into neighborhoods, housing costs, and school districts.

The Beauty of Arizona

Remember, Arizona has a fantastic array of desirable places to live. Cities like Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and numerous others offer excellent quality of life, safety, and economic opportunity. Don’t let this list discourage you from exploring the state’s many charms.


Choosing where to live is a significant decision. Understanding the potential drawbacks of certain locations allows you to make informed choices aligned with your needs and values. While this article highlights some of Arizona’s less desirable cities, the state as a whole offers abundant natural beauty, friendly communities, and a thriving Southwestern culture.

Disclaimer: It’s important to understand that conditions can change over time. Cities may address problems and improve conditions for residents. Always rely on the most current information available when making your decisions.

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