4 individuals injured in 5 street takeovers reported overnight in South LA and Compton

Mocobizscene- Multiple street takeovers that occurred in South Los Angeles and Compton on Sunday night are currently under investigation by authorities. The incidents resulted in four individuals being shot.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that the shooting took place around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday during a street takeover near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue in the Compton area.

Four victims, three men, and one woman, were transported to a hospital due to minor injuries. There have been no arrests made, and there is currently no information available about the suspect(s).

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, multiple street takeovers occurred in various locations, with a total of five incidents reported. One of these incidents took place at Century Boulevard and Western Avenue around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the LA County Sheriff’s Department conducted an investigation into all five takeovers. Throughout the investigation, they made a total of 24 misdemeanor arrests and issued 15 citations for various traffic violations. Additionally, law enforcement officers impounded 14 vehicles as part of their efforts.

According to the LAPD, over 30 vehicles were impounded solely for participating in a fifth street takeover on the Sixth Street Bridge in Boyle Heights.

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