Indianapolis police arrested two minors following a high-speed pursuit

Mocobizscene- Two minors were taken into custody following a police pursuit in Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon. A public police report states that the chase erupted around 3:15 p.m. near the intersection of East 30th Street and North Sherman Drive.

IMPD released additional details on Monday afternoon regarding the chase and crash that occurred over the weekend. According to IMPD, officers witnessed the vehicle accelerating and making sudden turns in an effort to evade the police who were already present in the vicinity. Initially, the decision was made by IMPD officers not to pursue the stolen vehicle.

IMPD officers were notified shortly thereafter by Lawrence Police that they too were searching for the same vehicle as part of an investigation into a stolen firearm.

The officers decided to chase after the vehicle when it reportedly sped away from them during an attempt to pull it over. The pursuit came to an end in the 5000 block of Fall Creek Road as the driver of the suspect vehicle lost control, resulting in the vehicle veering off the road.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), officers discovered two firearms inside the vehicle. One of the weapons was equipped with a laser sight attachment, while the second one had been reported as stolen.

Fortunately, the incident did not result in any injuries to the officers or citizens involved. However, one of the suspect juveniles did sustain “minor injuries” as a result of the crash, as reported by IMPD. According to the IMPD report, the police were pursuing a stolen tan 2018 Hyundai sedan.

Two teenage boys, aged 15 and 17, were arrested by IMPD. The 17-year-old is facing preliminary charges for three misdemeanors, which include resisting law enforcement and possessing a firearm in a dangerous manner.

The 15-year-old is currently facing four Level 6 Felony charges and at least three misdemeanors. Here are a few of the preliminary charges against the 15-year-old:

    • Auto theft, Level 6 Felony
    • Resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, Level 6 Felony
    • Intimidation, Level 6 Felony
    • Theft of a firearm, Level 6 Felony
    • Dangerous possession of a firearm, misdemeanor
    • Reckless driving, misdemeanor

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