4 Charged With Stealing $1,700 In Camarillo Mall Merchandise

Mocobizscene-Four individuals were taken into custody on suspicion of stealing goods valued at more than $1,700 from a retail center in Camarillo.

Breana Codd, 25, of Inglewood; Hector Saucedo, 18 of Oxnard; a male juvenile, 17 of Oxnard; and a female juvenile, 17 of Oxnard were the names of the suspects.

In an effort to stop retail theft, Camarillo police responded to the Camarillo Premium Outlets on December 19. Police and multiple retail establishments partnered.

Four suspects were taken into custody during the operation for allegedly stealing goods valued at about $1,781 from six separate establishments.

Images from the arrest show a big pile of clothes, including sweatshirts and hoodies from Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Old Navy. There’s also a pair of Ugg shoes, trousers, graphic tees, and additional sweatshirts.

On December 19, 2023, four people were taken into custody and charged with stealing products valued at over $1,700 from a shopping center in Camarillo. (Department of Police in Castro)
A driver waited in a nearby getaway car as the suspects collaborated to grab the goods in at least one of the crimes.

According to authorities, the suspects in a different incident “used burglary tools to circumvent the security measures of one of the retail stores.” “The coordination and preparation that go into these theft attempts was evident in both of these incidents.”

Charges of grand theft of property exceeding $950, conspiracy by two or more people to conduct a crime, aiding a minor in delinquency, possession of burglary tools, and shoplifting led to the arrest of all accused.

According to officials, there has been a noticeable surge in thefts from both shops and tourists from outside Camarillo within the past two years. “These consist of identity theft, pickpocketing, and distraction thefts.”

During the holiday season, shoppers are reminded to be mindful of their surroundings and to never leave their personal belongings unattended.

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