2 Dead, 8 Injured In Downtown LA Underground New Year’s Eve Party Shooting

Mocobizscene- Authorities report that two individuals were killed and eight others were injured in a shooting that occurred at an underground New Year’s party in downtown Los Angeles.

The gunshot occurred at the intersection of South Santa Fe Avenue and Porter Street around 1:00 a.m. on Monday, as reported by the Los Angeles Police Department. At the site, two of the victims, a man and a woman, passed away. Authorities report that a minimum of three individuals were transported to the hospital in diverse symptoms. According to LAPD Lieutenant Adkins, the majority of the injured were transported to the hospital on their own.
The identities of the two victims who perished remain unknown.

Newton Area officers initially responded to an emergency report of a “ambulance shooting” at 15th Street and Santa Fe Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Upon reaching that site, individuals reported hearing multiple gunfire emanating from the vicinity of Santa Fe Avenue and Porter Street.

Upon their arrival, they were greeted by a sizable crowd of fleeing individuals and directed to the sidewalk and street between Santa Fe Avenue and Mateo Street on Porter Street, where numerous victims were found latched.

The victims were administered medical treatment by officers until personnel from the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at the location. The LAPD reports that the victims were attending a clandestine New Year’s Eve party in the 2300 block of Porter Street when a shooting-related altercation broke out among several individuals.

Surveillance footage captured the deluge of gunfire and showed dozens of terrified partygoers fleeing for shelter.
“I witnessed a girl who was struck, and then I saw the girl who was dead—right here, in front of my car,” an Uber driver identified as Mike B. stated. He claimed that he was trapped in the crossfire while transporting guests from the exterior of the enormous gathering.

“There’s a guy 20 feet to my left side and there’s an SUV on the right side,” Mike B. disclosed. “From what I can tell, they were engaging in gunfire.” Immediately upon dousing myself, I began to hear a great deal more gunfire. “I have no idea where the additional gunfire originated.”

ABC7 was informed by family members present at the scene that they hastily arrived at the location after discovering a distressing video of the shooting on social media and developing a suspicion that a loved one might be present.
“It was just running, people falling,” one woman described the footage while declining to be identified publicly. “It was just hard to see.” She reported that the police instructed them to return home and that they would be contacted regarding a family member.

At this time, no arrests have been documented, and an instantaneous description of the suspect or suspects is unavailable.

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