Mayor confirms death of homeless individual in San Jose due to severe heat wave

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan has reported the tragic death of a homeless person in the area due to the ongoing heatwave. The intense heat proved to be fatal for the individual who was living on the streets in San Jose.

On X, Mahan expressed their thoughts on the death, stating that it could have been prevented and referring to it as a tragedy.

Mahan expressed his deep regret over the tragedy and emphasized the importance of providing adequate shelter to everyone. He stated that leaving people to suffer in unmanaged, unsheltered, and unsafe conditions is not a compassionate approach. In response to the situation, Mahan announced that cooling centers will remain open until July 9th to provide relief to those in need.

According to him, the outreach workers are actively visiting the encampments and spreading awareness about the availability of cooling centers for the homeless residents. Additionally, they are also distributing water to those in need.

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