Kamala Harris’ potential as president raises doubts among voters

According to a recent poll, Vice President Kamala Harris may face a tough battle if she intends to become the Democratic presidential nominee after President Joe Biden’s tenure. The survey suggests that Harris will have to work hard to secure the party’s nomination.

According to a recent poll by Politico/Morning Consult, there are significant concerns among voters regarding the electability of Harris.

According to the survey, a mere 14% of voters believe that Harris would have a strong chance of winning a presidential election if she were to secure the Democratic nomination. An additional 20% of participants stated that they thought it was only somewhat probable.

It’s worth noting that the poll is particularly significant in light of Biden’s age, as the current president is 81 years old and seems to be showing more signs of decline.

Last week, a moment of confusion by Biden at a June 6 D-Day ceremony became viral, adding to a series of comparable incidents. Despite this, Biden is still in the running against former President Donald Trump, although various polls indicate that Trump currently has an advantage over the current president.

Speculation has arisen regarding the possibility of Democrats replacing Biden at the Democratic convention in Chicago this August, due to his recent incidents. Though highly unusual, it’s not impossible. However, this raises the question of who could replace him. Currently, voters don’t seem to have confidence in Harris’s ability to win.

Looking towards the future, a recent poll asked the question: “In the event that President Joe Biden is not in the running for president in 2028, which of the following Democrats, if any, would you choose to be the Democratic candidate for president?”

Although Harris was the leading candidate among Democrats, only 21% of respondents supported her. Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg each received 10% support. However, a significant portion of the respondents, 41%, were either unsure or did not have an opinion.

The poll results revealed that only 42% of the participants considered Harris to be trustworthy, while 44% perceived her as honest.

It is worth noting that a mere 36% of the respondents in the survey indicated that they believe Biden should choose a new Vice President to run alongside him in the upcoming election.

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