Tim Scott collaborates with PAC to attract Black and Hispanic voters to support Trump

In a bid to attract Black and Hispanic voters in battleground states, which are crucial voting blocs as the elections draw near, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is contributing to a $14 million outreach effort. The initiative is aimed at supporting former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Announcing his campaign from the Great Opportunity PAC, a conservative super PAC formed in December 2023, Scott made his comeback after suspending his GOP presidential campaign last November.

Although the super PAC is yet to reveal where the anticipated $14 million will come from, it’s worth noting that a significant portion of the $50,000 currently in its possession was donated by Trust in the Mission PAC, a super PAC that previously backed Scott’s now-suspended presidential campaign. Trust in the Mission PAC managed to raise over $21 million from prominent GOP donors during Scott’s presidential campaign.

Both President Joe Biden and Trump campaigns have been actively trying to win over Black and Hispanic voters, recognizing the immense significance of this demographic in securing a win in the upcoming November elections.

In Tuesday’s briefing, Scott informed the press that Black and Hispanic voters are receptive to a political change. He emphasized that these groups are open to exploring new options and are not necessarily bound to a specific political party.

It is anticipated that Scott, along with other elected officials, will aid in promoting the initiative.

According to a source familiar with Scott’s plan, the Black community has always had an undercurrent of conservatism, particularly in social and faith spaces. This presents an opportunity to spread the message about conservatism to this community.

The Latino community proved to be a significant source of support for the GOP during the 2022 midterms. This was especially evident in Florida, where Miami-Dade County, traditionally a Democratic stronghold, voted in favor of the Republican Party.

According to a recent poll conducted by ABC News/Ipsos, a majority of Black people, specifically 74%, showed their support for Biden, while only 13% supported Trump and another 13% favored other candidates. Interestingly, the current level of support for Biden marks a 13% decrease from the 2020 exit poll, which indicated that 87% of Black people voted for him. Nonetheless, it seems that the votes lost by Biden were not transferred to Trump, but instead were allocated to other potential candidates.

As the Biden campaign works to counter the narrative that he’s losing support among Black voters, Scott has taken an initiative.

According to reports, the South Carolina senator is still being considered as a potential running mate for Trump. As part of his efforts, he has taken action on a particular matter.

According to the Biden campaign, they strongly criticized Scott’s attempt and stated that Joe Biden is putting in sincere efforts to gain the support of the Black community.

According to a statement from Sarafina Chitika, a senior spokesperson for the Biden campaign, President Biden is actively campaigning and engaging with Black Americans to earn their support rather than simply asking for it. This approach is a clear example of leadership in action.

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