Eric Trump denies knowing his father’s financial statements, but emails imply involvement.

Eric Trump, one of the two sons responsible for managing the Trump real estate business, vehemently denied his involvement in the financial statements that have been accused of fraudulently inflating his father’s wealth and the overall value of the Trump family’s business. The statement came after New York state lawyers claimed otherwise.

Upon being presented with a ten-year-old email requesting information for one of his father’s financial statements, the son became visibly annoyed and made an effort to provide clarification.

During the civil fraud trial of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, the executive vice president, affirmed that the organization is a significant player in the real estate industry and has financial statements. However, he maintained that he never worked on his father’s financial statement and had no involvement in it.

In 2021, another executive from the Trump Organization testified that Eric Trump had been on a video call regarding his father’s financial statement. However, when questioned, Eric stated that he could not recall the call.

He exclaimed, “I receive a thousand calls every day.”

On a tense day in court, Eric Trump took the stand following his brother and fellow Trump Organization Executive Vice President, Donald Trump Jr. Judge Arthur Engoron threatened to broaden the gag order after defense attorneys once again expressed their displeasure with his law clerk’s involvement in the trial.

During the initial stages of the trial, Judge Engoron prohibited the individuals involved in the case from defaming his staff. This decision was made following the social media criticism by Donald Trump towards the clerk. The judge had previously imposed fines on the former president, amounting to $15,000, for breaching regulations.

According to sources, Trump’s legal representatives have brought up concerns over the clerk exchanging notes with the judge during the trial, claiming that it is an unjust practice that puts them at a disadvantage. However, Engoron strongly asserts his right to receive advice from the clerk without any limitations.

During Thursday’s proceedings, the defense raised objections once more. Eric Trump was present as a witness, observing the proceedings quietly from the stand. Judge Engoron, who occasionally pounded the table, warned that he may extend the gag order to include lawyers if anyone mentions a member of his staff again.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has accused the former president, his adult sons, and other defendants of inflating the ex-president’s net worth on his annual “statement of financial condition” documents. These documents were given to banks, insurers, and others in order to secure loans and make deals. However, all the defendants deny any wrongdoing in the case.

On Thursday, the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election expressed his disappointment on his Truth Social platform about his sons being targeted in a political witch hunt. He mentioned that James and Engoron, who are Democrats, are the ones being persecuted.

On Monday, Donald Trump is scheduled to provide testimony, with his daughter Ivanka following suit on Wednesday. Despite her request to delay her testimony being denied by an appeals court on Thursday evening, Ivanka is still expected to testify as planned.

On Friday, Eric Trump is scheduled to make a return to the witness stand.

During the trial, the active involvement of the scion in the family business drew attention. An appraiser testified that a decade ago, the scion played a significant role in evaluating the Trump National Golf Club and Seven Springs estate’s value in New York’s suburban Westchester County. The lawsuit further revealed that the estimated values of the properties listed on Donald Trump’s financial statements were more than double the appraiser’s rough numbers.

During his testimony, Eric Trump stated that he had very little recollection of the appraiser’s name, let alone the appraisals themselves.

When he began testifying, he immediately denied any involvement with the statement of financial condition. He claimed that he had never even seen one and was not personally aware of the document. In fact, he stated that he didn’t know anything about it until the case was brought to fruition.

The son emphasized that his focus lies in constructing and managing properties rather than his contributions to the company.

Andrew Amer, the state lawyer, presented 2013 emails to him during the proceedings. These emails were from the then-Trump Organization controller, Jeffrey McConney.

During a previous role at the company, McConney informed Eric Trump that he was currently working on his father’s statement of financial condition. To proceed, he required information on one of the properties owned by the company.

McConney sent another message where he mentioned that he was currently working on the notes for Mr. Trump’s yearly financial statement. He also requested Eric Trump and other individuals for an update on the latest significant construction work.

Eric Trump acknowledged Jeff McConney’s role in preparing financial statements for his father, before launching into an enthusiastic description of their “massive real estate organization,” punctuated by a rising voice.

According to emails and documents, Eric Trump had responded to McConney’s requests. However, when confronted with the fact that he was indeed “very familiar” with the financial statements, he downplayed the exchange, stating that he was simply responding to an accounting colleague’s inquiry for a property description.

He stated that it wouldn’t have occurred to him that the financial statement was the purpose of those documents.

According to Donald Trump Jr., he only briefly reviewed the financial statements and depended on the assurances provided by the company’s finance executives and an external accounting firm regarding the accuracy of the information.

On Thursday, during his second day on the witness stand, he expressed his belief that his father’s financial statements were “materially accurate,” despite James’ accusations. The former president had previously stated that his wealth was underestimated if anything, in the documents.

According to Trump Jr., Bally’s, the gaming giant, has acquired the right to operate a public golf course in New York City for a whopping $60 million from the Trump Organization. The lease transfer for the former Trump Golf Links Ferry Point located in the Bronx was not revealed earlier.

Trump Jr. expressed to the reporters outside the courthouse that he believed his testimony went exceptionally well. He further added that if logic and reason were applied in the way business is conducted, it would be even more productive.

He expressed his disappointment, saying that the case brought by the attorney general is nothing but a political persecution. He further added that this could set a dangerous precedent for New York. He cited his own example, stating that he has been labeled as guilty of fraud without even getting a chance to defend himself in court. All he did was rely on his accountants to do their job of accounting.

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