Police arrest woman attempting to approach Trump at New York trial; she claims to be a supporter

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday for his New York civil fraud trial. According to the allegations presented in the lawsuit, Trump and other high-ranking officials at the Trump Organization allegedly collaborated to inflate his net worth by several billion dollars. This case has garnered significant attention and will be closely monitored by many in the public and legal spheres.

During the civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump, a spectator was taken into custody on Wednesday for walking toward the front of the courtroom while Trump was present. The incident occurred in the middle of the testimony, and the individual was promptly arrested.

During the trial, a woman voiced her willingness to support Trump, and the court assured that neither he nor anyone else present was at risk. Despite the incident occurring behind him, the former president and current leading Republican candidate for the 2024 election remained unfazed and told reporters that he was unaware of what had happened.

Asking about the arrest, Trump inquired, “Who got arrested?” and followed up with, “We weren’t aware of anything about it.”

According to court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen, a woman who was later revealed to be an employee of the court system, was asked by a court officer to return to her seat after causing a disturbance during court proceedings. She complied and retreated, but was later escorted out by officers and arrested for contempt of court.

According to Chalfen, the woman had expressed her desire to assist Trump by shouting out to him. However, reporters present in the courtroom could not hear her voice above the noise. Later, in the courthouse lobby, she was heard screaming while being escorted out by officers.

As captured by an NBC camera outside the courtroom, the woman expressed her concerns to the court officers, stating: “You’re making me feel scared, but I have every right to be here. As an American citizen and a court employee, I’m also present to show my support for Donald Trump.”

As per her statement, she had been calmly observing the proceedings and had obediently followed the court officer’s orders to avoid causing any further disruptions.

According to Chalfen, the identity of the woman involved in the incident has not been disclosed. However, as a precautionary measure, she has been suspended from work and is not allowed to enter state courts while the investigation is ongoing.

During the trial, there was a moment that stood out when Trump appeared visibly frustrated and began to confer with his lawyers. This happened while Doug Larson, a real estate appraiser, was testifying about his interactions with a Trump company executive. Despite this unusual interruption, the trial continued as planned.

During the witness’ testimony, State lawyer Kevin Wallace raised concerns to Judge Arthur Engoron about the defense’s audible comments. Wallace requested the defense to refrain from commenting during the testimony, stating that it might influence the witness. The judge intervened and urged everyone to keep their voices down, especially if their comments were intended to influence the testimony.

In the ongoing case led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Trump and his company are being accused of deceiving banks and insurers by providing them with grossly exaggerated statements of Trump’s net worth and asset values. While Judge Engoron has already stated that Trump and his company committed fraud, the trial is now focused on the remaining allegations of conspiracy, insurance fraud, and falsification of business records.

According to James, the financial statements of Trump played a crucial role in obtaining deals and loans. The evidence and testimonies presented during the trial have also suggested that these documents had a significant impact.

In court on Wednesday, it was revealed that a proposal from 2015 to refinance a Wall Street building owned by Trump included a requirement for him to provide financial statements, including tax returns.

During the negotiation process, the Trump Organization provided paper copies of Trump’s financial statements and personal tax returns to Ladder Capital, a potential lender. Jack Weisselberg, an executive at Ladder, testified that a Trump executive even reached out to him to inquire about the timeline for receiving these documents.

According to Weisselberg, who happens to be the son of the former finance chief of Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, there were concerns regarding confidentiality. It was crucial to ensure that the information was handed over directly to him.

According to Trump, all of James’ allegations are untrue. Trump claims that his assets were undervalued on his statements and that they were actually worth much more. He also points out that his statements included disclaimers, which he believes were a clear indication for people to verify the numbers themselves.

The verdict in this lawsuit will be determined by Engoron, as state law prohibits a jury from being involved in this type of case.

As Trump made his second appearance at the trial, his lawyers focused on undermining the state’s accusations that his corporate executives manipulated property values to boost his profits. This was Trump’s fifth overall appearance, as he voluntarily participated in the proceedings.

During the hearing, Trump’s lawyer, Lazaro Fields, asked Larson a series of questions aimed at proving that Larson had underestimated the projected value of the Wall Street office building by $114 million in 2015. However, Larson stated that the values were accurate based on the information they had at the time.

In the midst of the exchange, Trump threw his hands up in frustration.

During his testimony on Tuesday, Larson made it clear that he never authorized Jeffrey McConney, the former controller of the Trump Organization, to use his name as an outside expert in the valuation spreadsheets that were utilized to prepare Trump’s financial statements. Larson further stated that he had no involvement in or consultation regarding this matter.

Wednesday saw Fields accuse Larson of dishonesty, citing a ten-year-old email exchange between McConney and the appraiser.

The exchange between the defense and state sides quickly turned heated after Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, raised concerns about Larson potentially committing perjury and advised him to be aware of his rights against self-incrimination. State attorney Colleen Faherty retaliated by accusing Kise of “witness intimidation,” adding fuel to the already tense debate.

In the end, Engoron decided to let Larson come back and respond to the question without any legal repercussions. Larson stated that he could not remember receiving the email.

When Larson was asked again if he comprehended that McConney specifically sought his input for the purpose of carrying out valuations, he responded with a tired tone, stating, “That seems to be the case.”

In the midst of a court recess, Trump expressed his frustration by stating that “the government lied.”

Trump reiterated that he is innocent of any accusations made against him, stating that not all the evidence has been revealed to the public. He believes that the case is simply a political ploy by James and other Democrats who are trying to prevent him from becoming President again.

As he stepped out of the courtroom, James made it clear that his performative behavior would not influence the ongoing proceedings in any way. “I understand that my actions may have seemed over the top, but they were simply a reflection of my emotions and nothing more,” he stated. Despite his show of emotion, James knew that the outcome of the case would ultimately be decided based on the legal facts presented in court.

With determination in her voice, she made her stance clear, “I refuse to yield. I refuse to quit. My sole purpose is to uphold justice and ensure that the law is followed,” she declared.

In an effort to preserve a professional and respectful environment, Engoron, a member of the Democratic Party, has implemented a narrow gag order that prohibits anyone involved in the case from speaking negatively about members of his team. The judge took this action following a social media post by Trump in which he unfairly criticized Engoron’s law clerk during the second day of the trial.

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