Montgomery local arrested in Auburn on charges of vehicle burglary and theft of property

A man from Montgomery, Alabama was apprehended on suspicion of property larceny by Auburn Police. Jamon Drekez Nelson, age 29, was apprehended on November 14, 2023. On the basis of felony warrants, he was charged with vehicle burglary and property larceny in the second degree.

Nelson is charged in connection with an auto burglary complaint that was filed with Auburn Police on July 17, 2023. A report detailing an incident that occurred on July 7 detailed how an unidentified suspect breached into a vehicle and stole property. As a result of an investigation, Nelson was determined to be the suspect.

As a consequence of the inquiry, law enforcement issued arrest warrants for Nelson in September 2023. Nelson was presently incarcerated at the Lee County Jail on accusations unrelated to the current incident. On November 14, in accordance with the arrest warrants, Auburn Police detained Nelson on suspicion of larceny.

The bond amount for Nelson is $6,000. All defendants, including Nelson, are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court, as is customary in the legal system.

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