A Guide On 10 Benefits of Having a Menards Credit Card

If you are looking for a credit card that not only helps you repair your credit but also offers significant advantages while using it, then the Menards credit card is the perfect option for you. With this card, you can easily navigate through the process of repairing your credit, which can otherwise take years to do. While there may be some criticisms about the card, they are mostly from those who have been rejected – a minority group. Keep reading to discover the list of benefits that come with the Menards credit card.

1. It’s a no-nonsense card

If you’re someone with a below-average credit score, credit card companies often offer cash advances and the opportunity to use your card abroad. However, most individuals with good credit don’t often travel internationally. With the Menards card, you can purchase your necessities at any Menards store and fill up your gas tank at Kwik-Trip and several other regional gas station brands. This means that those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off can be tackled without having to wait for a bank loan.

2. No annual fee

If you’re looking for a credit card, it’s important to watch out for those with annual fees. These cards can quickly become debt traps, as they often charge you a fee simply for having the card, regardless of whether or not you use it. For example, a $100 annual fee breaks down to $8 per month, which can add up over time. Even if you max out your credit limit, you’ll still be paying that fee every month without any additional benefit. Be sure to carefully consider any annual fees before signing up for a credit card.

3. At any Menards store you can buy gift cards

If you find yourself in a bind and need to purchase a gift for a birthday or special occasion, the Menards gift card can be a lifesaver. While the Menards card doesn’t offer cash advances, the gift card is a great alternative to help you handle unexpected giving events or if you’re short on funds. This may not seem like a huge advantage, but it can certainly come in handy when you’re in a pinch.

4. A deferred interest payment plan

If you make a purchase of at least $299, you have the option to pay no interest on your account if the full amount is paid off within 6 months. It’s important to note that this minimum purchase amount can be reached through the purchase of multiple items, not just a single item worth $299 or more.

5. Variable Intro APR

The Menards card stands out from other credit cards that cater to individuals with poor credit scores. This card is designed to reward those who have worked hard to improve their credit ratings and deserve better terms. The card offers a variable purchase intro APR ranging from 0% to 3.99%. Moreover, the duration for which you can enjoy this APR is also variable, lasting between 6 to 48 months.

6. Rebate receipts

If you use your Menards card at an authorized gas station like Kwik Trip, you can enjoy a 1% rebate. However, instead of receiving an instant credit, you will receive a rebate receipt. To redeem your rebate, simply mail these receipts to Menards, and they will send you a check in return. One great tip is to accumulate these receipts over a month or so and then send them in together for a larger check. It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive a check in the mail, and oftentimes the money arrives just when you need it the most.

7. You can use it like a bank loan

Menards offers a unique feature for its credit card holders. Although cash advances are not available, the card can still be used as a bank loan for sizeable home improvement projects. Unlike other credit cards that offer a promotional interest rate followed by a sudden surge in interest charges, Menards’ promotional interest rates remain consistent throughout the loan period. Often, cardholders miss the sudden increase in monthly payments until it’s too late. With Menards, you can purchase what you need and enjoy the same interest rate until the end of the loan term.

8. Great customer service

Reviews of the Menards card often highlight the excellent customer service provided by the company. Although some may not prioritize this aspect of a credit card, it becomes crucial when issues arise. The significance of customer service can be observed by looking at the success of Amazon.com.

9. A $10 cash bonus after you make your first charge of $100

Have you ever received a 10% cash bonus just for using a card? Menards offers this incentive by giving you a $10 bill after your first purchase. It’s like finding a $10 bill on the sidewalk – would you pass up the opportunity to pick it up?

10. Cashback rewards

By using your card responsibly, you can earn a significant amount of benefits throughout the year through cashback rewards ranging from 1 to 2 percent on purchases (excluding gas purchases, which earn 1%). It’s worth noting that some competing cards don’t even offer a 1% reward, making this card a wise choice for those looking to maximize their benefits.

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