This City in Washington Was Just Named One of the “cheapest city” in the Entire Country

Sunnyside, Washington was just named one of the cheapest cities in the entire country by GoBankingRates. The city has a median home value of $306,000, which is significantly lower than the national median of $428,700. Sunnyside also has a relatively low cost of living, with an index of 86.8, compared to the national average of 100.

Other factors that contributed to Sunnyside’s ranking include its low unemployment rate (4.1%), high median household income ($64,000), and affordable housing costs. The city also has a variety of amenities, including a vibrant downtown area, several parks and recreation facilities, and a good selection of restaurants and shops.

Sunnyside is located in the Yakima Valley region of Washington and is known for its agricultural industry. The city is also home to a number of wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Sunnyside is also a popular destination for outdoor recreation, with opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

Overall, Sunnyside is a great option for people who are looking for an affordable place to live with a good quality of life.

Here are factors that may contribute to the cheapest city in Washington state:

Affordable Housing

One of the standout features of Sunnyside is its incredibly affordable housing market. The median home value in the city is a mere $306,000, which is significantly lower than the national median of $428,700. For those who have been dreaming of homeownership without the exorbitant price tag, Sunnyside presents an enticing opportunity to turn that dream into a reality. The low cost of housing is not limited to homeowners; renters will also find solace in the fact that the median monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is a mere $1,200, which is significantly lower than the national median of $1,800. This makes Sunnyside a budget-friendly haven for both renters and potential homeowners alike.

Cost of Living

Beyond its affordable housing market, Sunnyside boasts a cost of living index of 86.8, which is well below the national average of 100. This means that your day-to-day expenses, from groceries to utilities, are generally more wallet-friendly than in many other parts of the country. The cost of living index reflects the fact that goods and services in Sunnyside are priced reasonably, making it easier to manage your budget and save for the future.

Low Unemployment Rate and High Income

Economic stability is another strong suit for Sunnyside. The city boasts a low unemployment rate of just 4.1%, which is below the national average of 4.6%. This low unemployment rate means that there are ample job opportunities available for both residents and newcomers to the area. Furthermore, the median household income in Sunnyside stands at $64,000, slightly higher than the national average of $62,842. This means that Sunnyside residents enjoy a good disposable income to spend on goods and services. With a stable job market and a healthy income, Sunnyside provides financial peace of mind to its residents.

Additional Perks

Beyond its economic advantages, Sunnyside offers a high quality of life. This city boasts a vibrant downtown area, numerous parks and recreation facilities, and a diverse selection of restaurants and shops. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle of city life, Sunnyside has something for everyone.

Sunnyside is also renowned for its agricultural industry and is home to several wineries, breweries, and distilleries, making it a delightful destination for those who appreciate fine beverages and locally produced goods. The city also caters to outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

Rural Advantage

Sunnyside’s affordability can be attributed, in part, to its rural setting. The lower population density and lack of urban sprawl contribute to the overall reduction in living costs. This means that you can enjoy a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle without breaking the bank.

In conclusion

Sunnyside, Washington, stands out as an affordable haven for those in search of an economical and high-quality life. With its low housing costs, cost of living index, low unemployment rate, and above-average median household income, this city in the Yakima Valley region offers a balanced and budget-friendly lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home, embark on a new career, or simply enjoy life in a welcoming community, Sunnyside has something special to offer. It’s no wonder that Sunnyside has earned its well-deserved title as one of the cheapest cities in the country.

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