The Cold Is Approaching, Bringing a Wintry Mix Soon

Overnight, residents of Wichita, Kansas can expect significant temperature changes as a cold front moves through the area. The front will bring with it a shift in winds and a sharp drop in temperatures, with highs on Friday expected to be around 20 degrees lower than previous days.

Even though we will have clouds around early Friday, the weather forecast predicts dry conditions. However, we can expect a return to sunshine in the afternoon, with temperatures ranging in the upper 40s and low 50s. But, brace yourself for some chilly winds as the north winds are likely to gust up to 30 mph.

This weekend, we are expecting a storm system that will bring some rainy weather starting on Saturday morning and lasting throughout the afternoon. It will be a chilly day with temperatures dipping down into the 30s and 40s. As we approach the evening and overnight, central and western Kansas can anticipate a wintry mix of sleet and snow. Even Wichita may experience some sleet on Sunday morning. Although the western part of Kansas will receive less than .50″ of rain, the eastern region is expected to get between .50-1″ of rainfall.

Although the ground temperatures are warm enough to prevent any significant travel problems, it will still remain pretty cold on Sunday morning with sub-freezing temperatures throughout most parts of the state. Moreover, the temperatures are not expected to rise significantly throughout the day, with highs only reaching the upper 30s.

Next week, there will be a sudden drop in temperature leading to a killing freeze. However, the good news is that the weather will become drier and calmer in the area.

Forecast for Wichita Area:

Tonight: Increasing clouds, breezy. Wind: S/N 10-20; gusty. Low: 46.

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy early, then becoming mostly sunny. Wind: N 15-25; gusty. High: 53.

Tomorrow Nigh: Increasing clouds late. Wind: N/NE 10-15. Low: 35.

Sat: High: 44 Turning cloudy; rain developing.

Sun: High: 38 Low: 32 Rain/sleet mix, then cloudy. Breezy

Mon: High: 47 Low: 26 Sunny.

Tue: High: 45 Low: 27 Sunny.

Wed: High: 53 Low: 24 Sunny to mostly sunny.

Thu: High: 61 Low: 30 Mostly sunny.

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