Entire Town Will Experience a Power Outage During Chiefs Game on Gameday

If you’re a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, you don’t need much to enjoy their games. All you need is a comfortable chair, maybe a drink if you’re feeling thirsty, and a TV. It’s that simple!

Surely enough, electricity is an important aspect of our lives.

For residents of Odessa, Missouri, the upcoming planned power outage scheduled from midnight to noon on November 5 is causing concern. The city and Evergy have sent notifications to alert citizens of the event, but many are left wondering how they will manage without electricity during that time.

Upon visiting a nearby barber shop, Marty McDermed swiftly drew a correlation.

As soon as McDermed glanced at the schedule, she noticed that it was a Sunday. Curious about the game timings, she quickly checked if there was an early or late game for the Chiefs.

McDermed commented on the early game, stating, “Oh, it’s an early game.”

According to Paula Summers, who resides in Odessa, many individuals have yet to realize that the games are scheduled for 8:30 in the morning. As Paula explains, it is uncommon to have football games at such an early hour, unless one is in Germany.

According to Summers, the residents in her town are currently brainstorming ways to watch the upcoming Chiefs vs. Dolphins game. She mentioned that one of her family members is considering using a generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

According to Evergy, rescheduling the repairs is proving to be a challenging task. The reconstruction of a transmission line requires the coordination of several crews, permits, and working with the railroad company. This is all being done in anticipation of colder weather.

The Broken Dollar Saloon in Odessa normally remains closed on Sundays. However, the owner, Tina Peersom, has decided to make an exception on November 5th.

Peersom confirmed that he has a generator on its way.

Peersom expressed his confidence in his ability to keep the beer cold and have multiple TVs running, however, he was uncertain about being able to use the kitchen. He explained that he believed the kitchen required more power than his generator could produce.

Amid the chuckles and guffaws of the patrons at the bar, she quipped, “Who doesn’t indulge in a drink at 8:30 in the morning?”

McDermed stated that she had a plan to experience extreme boredom.

He expressed his frustration with their poor timing, stating that they seem oblivious to current events happening around the world. According to him, their timing is simply miserable.

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