Single Mother Locked Out of Texas City Apartment and Robbed of Valuables: ‘I Have Nothing’

ABC13 recently reported on the harrowing story of a single mother in Texas City who lost some of her most precious belongings, including important documents, clothing, and even her loved one’s ashes. According to her account, she was locked out of her apartment by two men who seemed to be working in the building. The incident is a stark reminder of just how vulnerable we can be when we entrust our safety and security to others.

As she spoke, she looked down at her feet and laughed, “I just noticed I’m wearing two different socks!” It was clear that she was feeling a bit defeated as she added, “We came up empty-handed. That’s all there is to it.”

The unit was in a state of disarray, with nothing left except for traces of cigarette burns and drug residue.

“Like, you know, blunt buds or something,” she explained, clarifying that she doesn’t smoke.

The woman has suffered a great loss as her valuables, which held sentimental value, have been stolen. Among the stolen items were pieces of jewelry that belonged to her deceased mother and cousin. In addition, the ashes of her boyfriend who recently passed away were also taken. It is a heartbreaking situation for the woman who has lost irreplaceable items.

As tears streamed down her face, she let out a heart-wrenching plea, “Is there any way to replace it? It’s gone forever.”

Due to the disappearance of her family’s social security cards, birth certificates, and housing vouchers, the individual in question has requested that ABC13 refrain from publishing their names.

She expressed her unease with a simple yet powerful statement, “I don’t feel safe. I don’t.”

According to ABC13’s report, the woman shared that upon her return home last Thursday, her entire apartment had vanished, leaving her with a locked door and no belongings.

Upon discovering a potential pest problem in her apartment, she promptly contacted the apartment management for assistance. They informed her that it was likely an issue for pest control to handle. Not long after, two men, who were dressed as maintenance workers, arrived at her apartment to assess the situation.

As I approached them, one of the men said, “Eviction.” The other quickly corrected him, saying, “No, it’s not an eviction. Your unit was marked for a move-out.”

According to ABC13, the Texas City Housing Authority that assists the woman with her rent has confirmed that she is currently in “good standing.” Furthermore, there is no indication of any grounds for eviction that they are aware of.

With tears streaming down her face, she exclaimed, “I put in so much effort!”

According to ABC13, the woman expressed her frustration with the apartment manager’s lack of transparency regarding the incident. Despite her persistent efforts to obtain answers, she feels that the management has been evasive. The woman shared that the management claimed that the incident was a mistake, but she remains skeptical and seeks further clarification.

ABC13 made several attempts to reach the manager of the apartment complexes through phone calls, emails, and in-person visits over the course of two days. After much persistence, the manager arrived at the office on Monday afternoon. However, to the surprise of ABC13’s crew, the manager quickly drove away, entered the building through a back door, and locked them out of the leasing office.

The mainline of the office received another phone call from ABC13.

During a phone call, a woman mentioned that she was a new temporary employee and did not possess any information. She refused to disclose the reason for her hiring when questioned about the departure of another employee.

Regrettably, at the moment, we cannot grant access as we are currently dealing with a situation,” the lady explained.

During an interview with ABC13, one of the maintenance employees who was involved declined to comment and walked away.

According to a detective from the Texas City Police, they are currently in the process of investigating the incident. The mother involved in the case has stated that she has sought legal representation and is actively seeking justice.

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