On Long Island, a driver fires a shot at a car that was moving too slowly

Late on Sunday, gunshots were reportedly fired during a suspected case of road rage on the Long Island Expressway. This occurred in close proximity to the exit that leads to the highly congested areas of the Bronx and New Jersey.

According to insiders from the New York Police Department, an ongoing investigation is being conducted into the shooting that took place on Sunday night, as reported by The Messenger.

According to sources, fortunately, no one sustained any injuries in the shooting incident.

According to law enforcement officials, the individual who fired the shots was reportedly infuriated by a fellow driver’s sluggish pace on the notoriously crowded Long Island Expressway.

According to insiders, the perpetrator maneuvered around the other vehicle near Exit 32 in Bayside, Queens, and proceeded to discharge at least one bullet.

After the shooting, the perpetrator quickly fled the scene, leaving the other driver behind. Despite the victim’s efforts to pursue the shooter, he was unable to keep up with the speeding car.

After being fired upon, the driver managed to steer the vehicle onto a service road and immediately dialed 911 for help.

According to the sources, the police possess a description of the shooter’s vehicle and are currently making efforts to locate them.

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