Neighbors in Northland express worry following drive-by shootings captured on video

A Northland neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, witnessed a shocking incident of gunfire, which was captured on camera.

The Kansas City police department is currently investigating two separate shooting incidents that occurred on different days. One of the incidents took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, while the other occurred late on Monday night. The authorities are working diligently to gather information and find out more details about the shootings.

Residents of the neighborhood are expressing worry after gunshots were heard and two houses were hit. The incident has left the community feeling uneasy and unsettled.

According to a resident living nearby, a stray bullet struck the side of their house, followed by another bullet hitting their front window. Shockingly, the bullet penetrated through the glass and two walls before falling into their kitchen sink. Such a harrowing incident left the residents shaken and deeply concerned about their safety.

According to Sgt. Jake Becchina from the KCPD, the two shootings occurred in close proximity to NE 51st Street and NE Barnes Avenue.

Early Sunday morning, at approximately 1 a.m., a neighbor’s security camera captured footage of a person on a motorcycle firing off at least four shots while driving by. The incident was reported by Becchina, who shared the video with authorities.

During an interview with FOX4, a neighbor revealed the extent of the damage caused by the gunfire. He shared that one of the bullets hit the siding of his house while another shattered the glass window.

According to Becchina, the good news is that he was not harmed in any way.

Within 48 hours of installing another camera to safeguard his community, the resident heard the sound of gunshots once again.

According to reports, the second shooting occurred on Monday night, around 11 p.m.

As you glance over, a white car begins to decelerate. Suddenly, the driver and a passenger in the rear seat brandish firearms and unleash a barrage of bullets.

Rachel Harris, the new neighbor, expressed her surprise upon hearing the news. She commented that it might be too late to back out now.

As Harris prepares to move into her new home just a couple of doors down from the houses that were recently hit, she expresses her concern about the safety of the neighborhood.

Harris expressed her concern about the situation, stating that it was a bit frightening to think about. She mentioned that coming from Shawnee, she was aware that such incidents could happen anywhere, but having it occur so close to her neighborhood was unsettling.

As Harris settled into his new home, one of his neighbors expressed their intention to move out after their home was hit. Despite having lived in the area for over a decade, the neighbor was shocked by the incident, as this neighborhood had always been considered safe.

At the moment, authorities are investigating if there is any connection between the recent shootings. The police are working to gather more information and determine any potential links between the incidents.

According to Becchina, the authorities are thorough in their investigations and leave no stone unturned. They meticulously examine all possible scenarios, including any links or resemblances between incidents, while also being open-minded to the possibility of two separate and unrelated occurrences.

According to Becchina, a community with vigilant and caring neighbors tends to be more secure. Such neighborhoods foster a sense of community and lookout for one another, creating a safer environment.

According to Becchina, the local residents are likely worried about this incident and the community would not want it to happen again. He added that if anyone has any information or witnessed something, they should inform the police.

Kansas City law enforcement officials are currently conducting an ongoing investigation and are seeking the assistance of the public to recover any relevant footage, images, and details related to the case.

If you happen to have any information, don’t hesitate to contact the tips hotline at (816) 474-8477. Your identity will be kept confidential.

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