Americans flee war as flights from Israel land in Tri-State Area

On Sunday, a number of Americans who were escaping from Israel have arrived at the airports of New York and New Jersey.

It’s been over a week since the crisis began, and numerous families are still experiencing significant difficulties in evacuating. Despite spending a considerable amount of money, many have had to take flights with multiple connections to ensure their safety. According to reports, some families even had to board multiple flights, which only added to their distress.

At Newark Liberty International Airport, families were filled with emotions as they eagerly awaited the return of their loved ones. Parents and children alike were overjoyed to be reunited, and the atmosphere was electric with excitement. The airport was buzzing with happy chatter and the sound of laughter as families embraced each other, grateful to be together once again. It was a heartwarming sight to witness, as families came together in the spirit of love and unity.

During the celebration of Sukkot in Israel, Hamas launched a sudden attack resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people. This tragic incident caught many off guard and caused widespread devastation. Despite the shock and horror of the attack, the people of Israel have remained resilient and determined to rebuild their communities.

As conflict rages on, families are left with no choice but to take refuge in bomb shelters, where they live in constant fear of the next attack. Trying to escape the violence, they desperately attempt to book flights, only to face disappointment and frustration as their flights are canceled time and time again. The uncertainty and anxiety of the situation have left many feeling helpless and trapped.

The passengers who boarded the 5:15 a.m. flight to Newark on Sunday were filled with a sense of relief as they finally arrived back home.

Esther Hamilton, a resident of Indiana, expressed her concern for the people affected by the ongoing conflict as she witnessed rockets being launched and smoke filling the air. She acknowledged that the situation has resulted in a significant number of refugees and many individuals who are suffering.

Mai Nitzon, hailing from Israel, expressed her fear and concern regarding the current situation, stating that the news is absolutely terrifying. The intensity of the situation has left her in disbelief.

Liron Nitzan, a Manhattan resident, expressed her deep concern and emotional distress upon witnessing the ongoing turmoil in her country. She shared that she was unable to control her tears after seeing the distressing images. In an attempt to ensure her loved ones’ safety, Liron had to bring them over.

According to Livia Dunkin, a traveler who recently visited the place, the locals are coming together in an amazing way. They are showing incredible support for one another, creating a warm and protected atmosphere that is truly inspiring.

After facing multiple challenges, a family of nine from Monsey, New York, managed to complete their month-long trip to Israel and return home safely. They opted for a charter flight to London and then to John F. Kennedy International Airport, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey.

One woman recounted her fear of leaving the area and her inability to return to New York.

According to Nancy Fink, a resident of Brooklyn, her return flight was quite challenging.

As Fink embarked on the 12-hour flight, she found herself still grappling with the conflict that had unsettled her. Her mind was preoccupied with concerns over her safety as she had experienced apprehension even while making her way to Tel Aviv airport.

According to Fink, the scariest part of the experience was the decision to leave her house and wait in a public area, knowing that anything could happen. “I had to tell myself, ‘OK, I’m gonna do this,’ and muster up the courage to face the unknown,” she recounted.

Dr. Michael Richter, who resides in Rego Park, couldn’t hold back his tears during his recent trip. He recounted how he kept asking himself if what was happening was real, and how he spent almost every hour of the journey crying.

According to Richter, he was compelled to leave his loved ones in Israel and return to his practice in Queens. Fortunately, he was able to secure a direct flight back home, thanks to his pre-booked arrangement.

Kristie Keleshian from CBS New York asked, “How does it feel to have to leave?”

According to Richter, the task at hand was the most challenging thing he had ever encountered.

After taking a charter flight, Eliya Bivas, along with her grandma and roommate, successfully made it to Cyprus from Tel Aviv.

According to Bivas, it’s essential to prioritize your safety while offering assistance to others. “We all have the desire to lend a helping hand, but it’s crucial to take precautions for our own well-being,” he emphasized.

It remains a challenge to secure a flight out of Israel, despite ongoing efforts.

Bivas expressed frustration with the limited options available, stating that everything was either excessively costly or too far in the future. They cited instances where accommodations would not be available for another two weeks or a week and a half, which posed a safety risk if they were to remain in the area for that duration.

Several airlines are still halting or canceling flights to and from Israel. Delta has postponed all flights to and from Tel Aviv until the end of October. American has suspended operations to Tel Aviv until December 4th. United has also canceled direct flights to the region.

At our local airports, it’s common to have over a dozen daily flights to and from Tel Aviv.

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