Man from NY accused of stealing a resident’s check from their mailbox, charged by police in Westport Journal

A resident of Westport recently fell victim to a mail theft incident where a New York man allegedly stole their check and proceeded to alter its details through a process called “washing” before depositing it. The accused has been charged with mail theft and further investigation is underway to uncover any other potential instances of such criminal activity.

On September 6, Waldo Ulloa, a resident of New York City, N.Y., was accused of several charges including first-degree larceny, second-degree criminal attempt at larceny, and second-degree forgery.

On November 8th, an investigation was launched after a resident reported that a check he had sent was stolen. The check’s details had been tampered with and it was deposited into an unfamiliar Bank of America account.

Upon receiving a search warrant, a police detective commenced an investigation into a bank account where a check had been deposited. During the course of the investigation, the account holder reported that her accounts had been utilized illegally by a known individual, who was later identified as Waldo Ulloa.

The authorities were able to obtain video surveillance footage of an ATM where Ulloa supposedly deposited the check that was stolen.

Ulloa was arrested by Westport police detectives on September 6 after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was found in Stamford, where he was already being held by the city’s police.

After being charged at Westport police headquarters, Ulloa was transported to the state Superior Court in Stamford for arraignment. Despite being unable to post bail of $75,000, Ulloa was presented with the charges against him in a formal setting.

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