Officials report Group of juveniles engage in gunfire on the campus of Temple University

An investigation is currently underway following an exchange of gunfire between two groups of juveniles at Temple University’s campus, as reported by the police. The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, in the vicinity of the 1400 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue and Broad Street.

The university reported that during the gun battle, a security officer was present across the street. There were no reported injuries. According to reports, the suspects fled the scene on foot. It is believed that some of them may have escaped in a vehicle, as per one eyewitness account.

Jennifer D. Griffin, Temple’s Vice President of Public Safety, confirmed that the suspects were captured on surveillance cameras. Images of the suspects were sent to the School District of Philadelphia for further assistance.

If you have any information regarding the shooting incident, please take a moment to contact Philadelphia police at 215-686-TIPS or Temple University’s Department of Public Safety at 204-215-1234. Your cooperation can help bring justice to the victim and prevent future crimes from happening.

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